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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Roger Kwok's Second Child is A Girl

Two months after he openly announced they're expecting another kid, Roger Kwok now disclosed the baby is a girl.

The actor attended a promotion of his sitcom "Show Me the Happy" and was asked the gender of his unborn second child.

"It would be a girl, but sometimes it's not what it is when the child's born. I can't be 100% sure at this moment."

The TVB actor will go to Mainland to film a drama, then return Hong Kong in June for his daughter. He exposed his son wants a brother more than a sister.

"He wants a brother, so they can play together. But I actually want a daughter. Anyways, two kids are enough for me."

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Michele Reis Gives Birth to Son Jayden Max [New Pic Added]

Possible look of the baby
Actual look of the baby!! Sleeping on the bed


Hong Kong's all time beauty Michele Reis gave birth through c-section on the 8th. The 40-year-old gave birth to a son, weights 2.93kg. He is named Jayden Max, which has initials of his parents' English names (Julian and Michele). The family was very excited and happy about the birth of the baby, even giving every reporter outside the hospital red envelopes enclosed with $4,000HKD.

Photo of the newborn is not released yet, but Michele's husband disclosed he has visible double eyelids and lots of hair. His mouth looks just like his mom.

Later in the afternoon, the new mom expressed her feelings on Weibo.

"It was a happy time carrying the baby. Thanks for being with me. Your blessings and encouragement, thank you!"

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Introducing MISSTER: The Manly Female Group

From left to right: Milk (潘宜萱), Carol (陳瑾怡), Jin (戴安娜), Chris (賴紫綸), Chiao (王哲巧)
You don't have to be sweet or sexy to form a female group in the showbiz.

A new Taiwanese group called MISSTER is introduced to the music industry recently. Lead by "One Million Star" contestant Jin, the five-members group goes for the handsome manly looks. Their outfits and appearance seem to have inspiration taken from some of the K-Pop boy groups in the market. The biggest difference is, all five members from MISSTER are actually females.

The group has been strictly trained the past year. Singing, dancing, and composing, if they weren't serious or good enough, they won't be chosen to be in the group now.

This special female group is releasing their debut album "MissTER" soon, around February 25. First single "BOMB BOMB BOMB" is already released.

Listen to "BOMB BOMB BOMB":

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

[Kay says: I just thought it's an interesting group, that's why I did this article XD]


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