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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

Check out who won big in this year's anniversary awards! Congratulations to all winners!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hong Kong Showbiz in 2010

2010 is coming to an end and many big things have happened in the Hong Kong showbiz. Happy, sad, etc, here is a list of some of the big events of 2010:


Awards might be just a show to people, but still generated big news, like the recent TVB Anniversary Awards, everyone's about TV King and Queen.

The 29th HK Film Awards || Mr. Hong Kong 2010 || Miss Hong Kong 2010 || TVB Anniversary Awards 2010


Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng's Divorce - Still remember this BIG thing happened back in March-ish? It's stunning enough to hear them split and then DIVORCE---WOW! They hid their 4-year marriage like that!

Bernice Liu and Moses Chan Split - Although they never directly admit their 6-year relationship, but most of us already see them as the perfect couple. What a surprise


Most weddings are held towards the end of the year, congratulations to all couples!

Angelica Lee's Wedding || Daniel Wu's Wedding || Heidi Chu's Wedding || Kiki Sheung's Wedding || Mandy Cho's Wedding || Leila Tong's Wedding || Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying's Wedding || Skye Chan's Wedding || Jo Koo's Wedding || Miriam Yeung's Wedding ||

Newborn Babies

While these people gave birth to precious children this year, more others are expecting! Like Ada Choi, Raymond Cho, Raymond Wong, Roger Kwok :D

Christy Chung Gives Birth to Daughter || Suki Tsui Gives Birth to Daughter || Hacken Lee Welcomes 2nd Son || Cecilia Cheung Gives Birth to 2nd Son Quintus || Gigi Lai Gives Birth to Twin Girls || Karena Lam Gets Married and Gives Birth 


Very sorry to hear these people passing away, life is actually short if you don't cherish it well, cherish when you can. RIP

Michelle Yim's BF Wan Chi Keung || Author/Actress Tina Ti Na || TVB Artiste Elton Loo || Director Wong Tin Lam

Stephen Chan Arrest For Bribery - this TVB executive's golden words 真的假不了,假的真不了 (rough translation: "Can't fake the truth. Can't make the fake true") become a slogan.

ATV Gives Up Paying Ratings Report

Hong Kong's ATV is not letting you to see their bad ratings again.

Once received 0 point rating, ATV has decided to stop paying ratings report starting January 1, 2011. Not only the report reflects program ratings, it is also used as a guide for advertising companies to sell their commercials. Ratings report fee is shared along with TVB, ATV, and other advertising companies. TVB pays the most and ATV pays 3 million every year.

As for this decision, ATV's high executive explains: "Now many people switched to LED, Plasma TV. You can't place the receiver into new TV models, so ratings are not accurately recorded, that's why we are not paying ratings report again."

Now ATV is not paying its part, it is known TVB has to cover ATV's fee from now on, which TVB is very dissatisfied.

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jolin Tsai Flirts With Vivan Dawson At Concert

Jolin Tsai's "2010 myself Concert" at Taipei Arena held its last show and new beau Vivian Dawson finally appeared to support girlfriend. But to avoid excessive attention, he did not entered the venue at the VIP entry and watched the show in low profile.

Knowing new beau is here, Jolin sent a sweet message to him when singing "Real Man." She did not say anything when singing "Real Man" in the first two shows but last night she added: "Where's my real man?" It seems the dancing queen was openly flirting with her new boyfriend at her concert.

Last night was the final show and everyone was emotional. When singing "Rewind" written by ex Jay Chou, Jolin even had a emotional break down. She told fans after singing "What Kind of Love" that her nickname is "Tsai Shi Fei" (Disputes Tsai) because she has encountered many challenges over these years. She then said: "Already about 11 or 12 years now. Doesn't matter when did you start to support me, I'm very happy that I'm able to keep performing on the stage."

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Joyce Cheng Clarifies Her Mom Didn't Use Drugs

Earlier Joyce Cheng exposed her mom Lydian Shum, who passed away two years ago, once used drugs in the past. But when she attended to an event yesterday, she cleared up that it was a misunderstanding and her mom does not have this habit. She said: "It's good everyone is asking me again, I also want to talk about it. I'm really shock to see headlines on the newspaper saying 'Joyce Cheng Exposes Lydian Shum Used Drugs.' I really need to clear this up, she does not have this habit and it never happened. It's a language misunderstanding. I'm very upset by this. (Your originally meaning was?) Don't want to talk about it more because I don't want to create more misunderstanding. I'll try harder to learn Chinese to prevent more misunderstanding. If I hurt anyone, I'm really sorry. Plus I don't want to hurt my mom."

Joyce said she talked to her dad Adam Cheng but did not specially talked about this incident, only asked his hand injury. She said: "He also asks me about my new album. Originally he couldn't come to my press release, but he said he can come now."

As for how she spent Christmas, Joyce said she ate turkey with a bunch of friends and received a calendar with designer shoes on every page. Asked whether boyfriend gave her anything, she said: "I received a handbag earlier, something expensive that I wouldn't want to waste money on, worth about 5-digit."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Mike He's Birthday Wish is to Have a Girlfriend

Mike He is celebrating his 27th birthday on December 28 and his fans held an early celebration party for him on the 25th. His good friend Dylan Kuo made a special appearance and brought a bottle of aged wine for him, signifying their friendship is long-lasting ["jiu" is the homophones of alcohol and long].

Been single for 4-5 years, the Taiwanese idol's birthday wish is to have a girlfriend. He dated a gril several years before but their relationship ended after he went to film in Mainland. As for his requirements for girlfriend, he hopes she can understand him and it is okay if she works in the showbiz: "I'll admit it if I got photographed, but must be agreed by her."

The "Calling For Love" star is currently shooting 2 idol dramas: <幸福最晴天> (Sunny Happiness) with Janine Chang and <美樂,加油!> with Cyndi Wang. Although he has intimate kiss scenes with the two actress, but the actor actually complains he is hurt by these girls. First, he gets hit by Janine during filming; then Cyndi once kicked on his important private part. Cyndi even said she did not feel it at all, making Mike lose face.

Source: China Times & UDN / Translation: KAY@ Kay's Entertainment


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