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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joey Yung is Still A Virgin At 30, Not A 'Remaining Woman'

Joey Yung held a press conference for EP <<空港>> yesterday and premiered her new song MV "Disfigured" (破相). Virginia Lok, Ng Yu, and manager Mani Fok attended to support. Joey expressed Mani would study in the US at the end of Augusut and she has to start getting used to promote for herself: "I feel upset letting Mani leave, need to start to try fighting on my own. The concert I would hold in November, she can't attend either. In the past, every time when we hold concerts, we would quarrel. This 'tradition' won't happen this time."

Asked she knows whether Mani is getting married secretly? Joey said: "I didn't ask. Mani would go study every two or three years. Of course, it would even better if she found a good guy!" She frankly said they would talk about love sometimes: "Mani worries about my love life a lot and would introduce guys to me often. But I don't like to do this on purpose, so I always let her eat lemon!" [means rejecting her.]

Always waiting for luck to come, not afraid to be a 'remaining woman'? Joey said: "I don't quite understand this word. But 'remaining' means something is used. I haven't opened yet [means still a virgin]**, where is the used left over come from? I still have market!" Although she hasn't date for a long time, but she isn't rushing: "I believe you need to put time and effort to develop every matter, you can grind an iron rod into a needle."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Now Joey explains she actually meant to say she hasn't try her best to open up markets. Asked when did she lose her most important thing (virginity), she expressed: "Don't remember, long time ago."

Yoyo Chen Pushes Femininity By Acting Cool

Yoyo Chen has a natural baby face. In order to get rid of her usual young girl image, she cuts her hair on purpose and puts on smoky eye make-up to be cool. She frankly admits she purposely changed her image to play her character well, changing her usual lively optimistic personality to discover her other self inside her heart.

Since youth drama "Sunshine Heartbeat," Yoyo actually been in the showbiz for six year. She admits in the beginning acting wasn't important and she always play characters like female student, someone's sister, etc. Until recently, she finally stepped out from this boundary with success, trying different types of character. She says: "There are three stages in my acting career. First year is filming youth dramas. To be honest, no need to have too much acting. Second year is a waiting period. Producers weren't familiar with me, so not much work. Until recent years I finally receive more opportunities, finally feel the fun of filming!"

Accepts challenge

Yoyo plays a third wheel in series "Beauty Knows No Pain." In upcoming series <<花花世界花家姐>>, she would play a top model, she said: "In the series, I would play Raymond Lam's girlfriend and is a top model. Because I'm not too tall, so this character is quite a challenge for me, maybe need to play it with more arrogance."

Yoyo says she needs to say good bye to those young girls characters and need to make changes in many areas. She explains: "I have a natural baby face and need to dress more maturely. In the beginning, I started with clothes I wear first. I won't pick clothes that are too young. Also make-up and hair style. I purposely cut my hair shorter. Even make-up is leaning towards mature looks. I hope to gain more femininity."

Stable relationship

Besides appearance changes, Yoyo says even her personality isn't like before: "Everyone hides various personalities in his/heart heart. People would become more logical as they grow up, but sometimes when playing games, they would become young boys and girls again when they are too into it."

In addition, Yoyo has been dating Vincent Wong nearly two years. She says they're in a stable relationship, but isn't at a stage of talking about marriage. She says: "Not this fast. Right now is time to work hard for career. But masters said I bring luck to my husband, would definitely get married and have kids."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

*Kay's P.S.*

I like this photo of her in another interview, pretty sexy.

Jessica Hsuan Receives One Thousand Roses, Macy Chan Envies

Yesterday was Jessica Hsuan's birthday. Although she had to spend it at work, but she still received one thousand roses as gift. Macy Chan, who was filming new series with Jessica, even took a picture of it and posted it on Weibo, sharing this joy with everyone. Macy wrote: "It's my first time feeling this shock feeling of seeing one thousand roses put together. Although I wasn't the one to receive this gift, but I'm very touched already." Jessica hasn't made her reply at the moment.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Fahrenheit Feels 'Too Hot,' Charms Fans With Muscle

Hasn't released a Chinese album for more than a year, Fahrenheit is finally releasing new album "Super Hot" (太熱) in September. Preorder of this album starts September 1. Because Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, and Aaron Yan have their own work to do, they can only get together at night to record new songs, they joked: "Seems like we became evening school classmates."

In order to fit the "too hot" theme, Fahrenheit members showed their skin and they wore outfits with less fabric. Jiro and Aaron wore vests with holes, but was teased by Calvin: "They're just wearing fisherman's net."

They also started to exercise in order to keep a fit body. Calvin stopped eating at late night and continues to do sit-ups and push-ups; Jiro goes to the gym plus swim to enhance abs; already muscular enough, Wu Zun stresses on his skin tone and went tanning; as for Aaron, he runs 30 minutes every day and plus lifting weights, he said: "Fortunately since last year's concert, I started to have a habit of working out. You can't have satisfying body in a short amount of time."

Source: Liberty Times; UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Super Hot MV!!!!! (HOTT!!!)

Jolin Tsai Gets Wet Again in New MV

Previously soaking herself in the bathtub in "Love Player" MV, this time Jolin Tsai got wet again in her next MV for new song "Nothing Left to Say." In the "Nothing Left to Say" MV, Jolin was in a flooded room, wearing a bra top and long skirt. During filming, director needed her to put in some emotions. Once she thought of working very hard during recording, she couldn't hold her tears and cried.

Jolin changed three outfits for this MV. One of them was a black diamond bra top with white long skirt. Because the camera was focusing at her upper body, Jolin had to hold her stomach in the whole time to prevent showing any excess fat. But her colleagues laughed at her that she thought too much because they only saw abs.

Source: Liberty Times; NowNews / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Ariel Lin Plans to Have Minor Cosmetic Surgery

Relying on a healthy diet, Ariel Lin's weight dropped from 50+kg to now 43kg, becoming one of the thin beauties. Ariel is very satisfied with her current condition and the only thing that is troubling her is frown lines, which are caused by frowning during reading scripts. She doesn't rule out having a minor cosmetic surgery to get ride of them.

Ariel attended to Hit-FM to promote new album. She made diet food and shared her dieting experiences. Because she is thinner now, she doesn't like boyfriend being too fat. If he is overweight, she would gently asks him to lose weight together by saying things like "come to take a walk with me," "let's go biking, okay?," "This is the food I made with love, if you don't eat then you don't love me!"

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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