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Friday, February 12, 2010

02/12/2010 Daily E-News

Hong Kong
1. Tourists mistaken Raymond Lam as Bosco Wong
2.  Stephy Tang levels up to be among the expert singers (rly?)
3.  Cecilia Yip's husband says his marriage is "all is well", nothing is wrong
4.  ATV will debut its first musical show of Jacky Cheung "Jacky Cheung Private Corner" on Feb. 14
5.  "Happy Home 2010" is #1 on HK's box office, pushing "72 Tenants" down to #2
6.  Kary Ng to jam with a new rock band called Hardpack

1.  Taiwanese gang movie "Monga" box office takes 100 million NTD already in one week (!)
2.  Rachel Liang will only marry guys from her tribe because they're as brave as her father.
1.  Madonna can't leave without her little boyfriend
2.  Heidi Klum on the cover of magazine DT (nipple shown...wet n' hot)

Stephy Tang Levels Up to 'Expert Singer'

Saturday, February 13, 2010 Hong Kong
Source: ON.CC
Translated by: KAY@PA

Stephy Tang attended to the Jade Solid Gold lately. Host Patrick Tang said that "tonight is the night of the expert singers," making Stephy, who is known for singing out-of-tune in "Lightbulb," joked that she leveled up, but she was more nervous after hearing that. She disclosed she still have to work on Chinese New Year's Eve. As for a report saying she can't keep her position as "yat jeh" in Gold Typhoon because someone new invested into the company, she expressed she read the report and believe it's just a press speculation.

Raymond Lam Is Mistaken As Bosco Wong

Miriam Yeung was filming new movie "Perfect Wedding" in East Tsim Sha Tsui. Many drivers and pedestrians were waving to her on the street regardless of their safety. Raymond Lam arrived to film the next scene with her. It attracted tourists to gather around when they were performing a blessing ceremony. Tourists took out their cameras and started to take pictures. Someone actually mistaken Raymond as Bosco Wong and screamed happily: "It's Bosco! Bosco!"

Source: on.cc / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  


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