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Friday, December 18, 2009

TVB cuts off Eason Chan and Hacken Lee

TVB is unsatisfied with HKRIA's royalty fee. TVB's general manager, Steven Chan, said they won't play any song from those four record companies (Universe, Warner, EMI, and Sony). TVB enacted right away: Eason Chan and Hacken Lee (both belong to Universe) are out from "Jade Solid Gold" and "The 21st CASH Song Writers Quest."

According to a reliable source, singers from Universe (Eason, Hacken, Kay Tse, Hins Cheung, & Mr.), Warner's Khalil Fong and Fiona Sit, and Sony's Jason Chan will win nothing. Singers under HKRIA will win nothing as well in "TVB8 Chart Awards Ceremony." In contrast, Leo Ku and Joey Yung will have higher chances in winning "Most Popular Male Singer" and "Most Popular Female Singer."

Universe's vice president admitted Eason and Hacken will be missing out TVB's performance, "Nothing is negotiated. How can you attend when you cannot perform at all? We won't attend to 'JSG's Seasonal Round' press conference." Sony expressed to be uncertain whether their singers will attend to the press conference. HKRIA will explain through a press conference next week.

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Stephy Tang gurantees no typos in her dessert cookbook

Stephy Tang attended to a book fair opening event to promote her new dessert cookbook. Although there were many typos in her previous fiction, she didn't give up. She said she read this book over and over again, and the content is proofread by professionals. She believes there won't be any typo this time. Stephy said this book is to share her recipes and it's different than creative fiction. She's not that pressured and hopes to write more.

During the event, a reporter asked her, "Has rumored boyfriend, Alex Fong, ate you..." But the reporter wasn't done with the question and Stephy said immediately, "Wa! Eat me?! This is a sharp question." The reporter explained he/she wants to ask has Alex Fong ate her desserts before, Stephy knew she thought too much and got embarrassed. She answered, "He tried my cheesecake before. That was because we were filming MV and I shared it with everyone. He said it was delicious!" Alex wrote the prologue for her, but Stephy made fun of his handwriting. Alex praised Stephy has a very sweet heart.


Stephy teaches you how to make dessert

A bookstore conducted a survey lately, asking students which female artiste would they like to see launching dessert cookbooks. In the end, Stephy Tang won as number one. Her cookbook, which is launching tomorrow, will feature 15 dessert recipes. She went to shoot covers and photos for inner pages lately and she seemed quite good in making desserts.


Kate Tsui hopes to win music awards

Kate Tsui attended to a opening ceremony for COACH yesterday. The brand will sponsor her handbags and Kate said she hopes they will sponsor her clothes for the music awards ceremonies as well.

Kate expressed although she just made her debut in the music industry, she already spent a lot in clothes, as much as 6 figures. Her mother finally told her to stop; should save more money to buy properties. It's said her single, "HIT ME", made into "JSG's Seasonal 09", Kate said nervously, "Really? Is it confirmed? I'm happy if it's real because it's my first time." Said the chances of winning for singers in the four major music companies might be affected due to the royalty conflict, Kate said, "I heard they won't be affected." She said she doesn't want the royalty conflict to affect the music industry, hope it will resolve soon. Kate likes Eason Chan, too, so she hopes he will get the award he deserved. As whether she is likely to win, since she's the biological daughter of TVB, Kate said it depends on whether the artiste is hardworking or not.



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