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After being away for 7 months, Kay is back with the brand new Kay's Entertainment! How are you all? Tell me about anything cool that happened :D

2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

Check out who won big in this year's anniversary awards! Congratulations to all winners!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank You Letter (1 Yr Anniversary)

I can't believe it...Kay's Entertainment is 1 year old! To show my appreciation, I wrote you all a letter XD (Click on image to enlarge) Thank you for your support!

In the following graph, you can see KSE's growth in the past year. I wanna cry...T.T I'll continue to work hard...!

Jam Hsiao's Voice Cracks While Singing on CNY Gala

Not a good night for Jam Hsiao on Wednesday.

The Taiwanese singer was invited to perform at CCTV New Year Gala along with singers Khalil Fong and Li Jian. He was the last to perform, singing his well-known song "Collection." However, his voice cracked already when he sang the first line. His voice cracked several times while performing to over one billion Chinese people.

Known for his clear and resounding voice, the singer's performance that night was affected by a bad cold. In fact, he flied to Beijing last month to rehearse, and got sick from the local weather already.

After his 'memorable' performance, Jam expressed his helplessness on Sina Weibo.

"I've tried my best. Thanks to all staff from CCTV, my colleagues, and everyone who anticipated my performance on stage. I really did tried my best."

Source: Apple Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

[Kay says: I was watching the show live, and was very surprised to see Jam cracked his voice. But now I know he's sick, understandable.]

The Performance:

Aaron Yan to Release Solo EP in March

After five years in waiting, Aaron Yan is finally releasing his first solo EP this year.

The singer was put into a boy group Fahrenheit in 2005 with Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, and Calvin Chen. Among the four, he is considered to be the best at singing. Finally after five years, he is releasing his first solo EP in March.

Rumors about Fahrenheit breaking up have been on going for years. Now releasing a CD on his own, Aaron was asked again the same question. However, he denied the break-up again.

"Fahrenheit still exists, and we will continue to release an album together."

Source: Apple Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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