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Thursday, June 24, 2010

TW Version of Angelababy and Cecilia Cheung Announce War to HK Lang Mo

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
While the lang mos in Hong Kong are fighting to get popularity and attention, outsiders from Taiwan are ready to join the battle. Taiwanese lang mo Sparrow Girls announced they are joining the photo album war in this year's book fair.

Said to have angelic and innocent faces, Taiwanese lang mo group Sparrow Girls is composed of Ann Wu Si Wei (吳思緯), Nikki Tzeng Wei Chi (曾韋琦), and Mina Ma Chuan Shin (馬傳芯), which all have high exposure in advertising industry. Their average age is only 22 years old. They're releasing a dreamy photo album called "Summer's Temptation," using the slogan "the most flawless youth photo album" to tell indoorsy guys to look at their change from girls to women. In fact that means every page they would show off their sexy bodies.

It's only a month away from this year's book fair. New and old lang mos aren't dare to let loose, afraid would become losers in the battle. Chrissie Chau first released a 3D DVD. Her juniors "New 8 Models" market themselves with many girls who have different styles. As for Rainbow, she led a group composed of 5 sweeties called "Donut," taking off their bikini tops and show off their back.

Sparrow Girls aren't afraid of their competitors in HK. Lately they're very popular in Taiwan advertising industry. Ann is described as Taiwanese version of Japanese fashion model Lena. She won the title "Wretch Top Ten Pretty Girls" for two years in the row. Mina is described as Taiwan version of Cecilia Cheung. Nikki is praised by advertising agencies that she is the combination of Asian stars because she looks like Vivian Hsu. Japanese agency even think Nikki is the Taiwan version of Angelababy.

Manager of Sparrow Girls disclosed they would arrived Hong Kong on July 20 and meet fans in Hong Kong the first time. They are planning to stay for 3 days to promote their photo album.

(*Kay's P.S.* TBH...after seeing MANY sexy photos of those girls, kinda getting a little bored...lol o___O guys should be happy this summer XD)

Sammi Cheng Doesn't Want to Change Her Current Relationship With Andy Hui

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Sammi Cheng accepted a radio interview lately. As for her reuniting rumor with Andy Hui has been circulating for a while. She expressed it didn't affect their friendship and won't ask his love status. Sammi said: "We won't talk about it, would respect each other. I won't go to find out, won't talk about it, don't even want to know, this is not my business. Just a popular rumor lately, definitely never happened, this would affect my other chances.

Asked her relationship with Andy now, Sammi said it's very good good friends, she said: "Undeniably, a relationship built more than 10 years ago cannot just be forgotten. From debut to now, already know him when I had nothing in the beginning. Have deeper feelings than other friends, but at this stage, don't want to change anything."

Sammi said after she got sick her view in love also changed: "Very willful in the past, magnified myself a lot, very selfish, two people getting along need to compromise with each other. If I'm in love again, I'm willing to give in more, know how to handle my temper. Asked if Andy was single, whether there's a chance of reconciling? Sammi said: "This hypothetical question is hard to answer, because right now he isn't single, I think it's better for me to answer when he is single. (Have to wait many years?) I didn't say to wait 30 years, I look around, looking to see whether there is any good person."

Photos of Liu Ye Fighting With Westerner Exposed

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
After the Liu Ye and a Westerner's taxi fight incident exposed to the public, outsiders only heard descriptions from Liu Ye, Liu Ye's manager, and witness Wong Bin. But yesterday a set of photos of the taxi fight appeared on the internet. This incident once again became the hot topic to discuss.

Although Liu Ye cleared up misunderstanding occurred due to language barrier and the fight was short. However, judging from the photos, Liu Ye and the Westerner must've __ for a certain amount of time. But because there are only photos, it can't be confirmed whether the Westerner really did use "f***k you" to provoke Liu Ye, but it's reckoned that the Westerner started the fight.
Based on the photos, it's a tie between the two. The end of this dramatic fight really is like Liu Ye said on his blog---ended peacefully. Seeing how they hugged each other at the end, it's hard to imagine the two fought each other before hand. Reporters contacted Liu Ye for the photos but it went to the mailbox. He appeared to an event in Mainland the first time after the taxi fight incident exposed, but didn't reply to it.

Kate Tsui and Sonija Kwok Prove They're Good Sisters

Sonija Kwok and Kate Tsui both had rumors with Chan Kwok Keung. Their new series "When Lanes Merge" to be aired next Monday and it's currently in promotion period. Suddenly rumors of them not getting along appeared. It's known during filming Kate doesn't like Sonija, often bully Sonija on purpose. Having a benevolent personality, Sonjia accepted whatever that came and didn't fight back, but other people felt bad for her. Whether the rumor is true or not, during promotion the two appeared to be good friends, holding one's waist and put hand on one's shoulder, trying to be good sisters!

35-year-old Sonija and 31-year-old Kate are 1999 and 2004 Miss Hong Kong champion, also champion with four awards. Sonija had rumors with Chan in 2006. It was rumored she received a car and house, and was appointed to be female lead in movie "Operation Undercover." But the rumor faded away after a while. As for Kate, she moved into an expensive house earlier this year and was rumored with Chan. She denied it immediately and said she rent the house with her own money, and didn't know who is Chan.

But since the two once had rumors with Chan, when they're collaborating in the same series it's hard to avoid rumors. It's known Kate would bully Sonija during filming, saying things about her and trouble her on purpose when they have scenes together. But Sonija took everything in and didn't dare to fight back. Seeing Kate's action, others dislike what she does and are outraged for injustice.

Yesterday the two attended to the promotion of "When Lanes Merge" and appeared to be good friends, often looking at each other and laughed happily. After taking group photo, Kate held Sonija's waist and Sonija put her arms on Kate's shoulder, proving good sisterhood. Kate even joked Sonija doesn't have a boyfriend yet, very dry! Reporters asked confirmation of them not getting along, Sonjia expressed through her manager: "No such thing, nothing to reply." Kate didn't reply, and her manager said everyone got along well during filming.

Actors from the series got together in a promotion event outside a taxi company and a taxi was arranged for Kate and Sonija. When Kate was getting into the taxi, her head accidentally hit rare view mirror and she joked receeiving a head reward" [in Cantonese, it means winning first prize in general] is good luck. In the series, she, Sonija and Raymond Wong would have a love triangle relationship. But in reality she and Sonija's love life are very dry? She said yes, get dry together, hoping series would receive good ratings and that means someone would appear in her love love, because good ratings means good popularity, "peach bossom" would appear. She is confident in this series, whether worry World Cup would affect ratings? She said she isn't worried. As long as the plot is compacted, hope viewers support and don't change channel.

Sonija said her love life is blank, can't demand forcefully. She isn't worried and let it be. She didn't have rumors while filming the series and was very happy working with other actors. Kent Cheng taught her a lot. The plot talks about the harm of drunk driving, very meaning, she hopes to have ratings above 30 points.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Alex Fong and Stephy Tang Appear As A Pair

Since Alex Fong and Stephy Tang are rumored getting married in October and have been living together, the two appeared together the first time, showing up as a pair to Weibo service event yesterday. Asked whether they receive a very high reward? Alex joked: "We're not a pair of husband and wife, I don't know how much Stephy got. In fact I don't mind working together. Soon we would go to Mainland to perform three shows, price won't be specially high."

Stephy expressed in the past she would chat with Alex through Weibo a lot, but now she doesn't dare to say too much, afraid others would say they're flirting with each other. But she describes Weibo is a very good meidum, can directly clear up some report.

As for lang mos are said to be low grade and are banned to attend to book fair to promote, Alex said; "Nowadays there are many controversies in the society. Hope people in this incident can step back a little and reach an agreement. Maybe earlier magazines published many sexy photos of lang mos, if they published less it might be better." Stephy said: "Should respect each other, families and children go to book fair together, maybe need to be more proper, it's better to compromise."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Facing Bernice Liu, Moses Chan Draws a Line Between Him and Charmaine Sheh

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Moses Chan and Bernice Liu this rumored couple attended to a function as a couple yesterday. Bernice appared holding Moses' arm. During the event, Bernice was responsible of drawing prizes and she drew Moses, proving they are fated, even Bernice herself couldn't believe it and announce. They were teased of fated to be together, Moses said: "Ok then, we haven't collaborate for two years." Attend as a couple again, whether they increase price? Moses expressed it's a happy and satisfying price.

Asked Moses, whether he worry new rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh would be jealous seeing Bernice held his arms, he said: "It's not my business, don't ask me." Ah Sheh this woman isn't none of his business? He said: "It's never my business, thank you everyone." Asked Bernice whether she's happy that Moses cleared up his relationship with Charmaine, Bernice and Moses looked at each other and smiled, didn't reply. Moses said: "I don't read the news often, and won't care those rumors." Bernice added: "You won't read them, I don't know how to read them."

Asked Bernice again whether she's happy Moses cleared up his relationship with Charmaine? Moses answered: "I've been clearing it up, just no one cares about what I say." Bernice said: "He said all women aren't his business." Is Moses' saying boost her trust? Bernice looked at Moses and said: "Really?"

Moses disclosed he watched Bernice's new series "Mysteries of Love" and praised she freed herself and her acting is maturer and improved than before. Bernice also expressed she admires Moses, her senior. Whether it's her outfit and things related to work, she would ask Moses' opinion. Asked did she ask Moses about her kissing scenes with Kenneth Ma in "MOL," she said: "That...no." Moses laughed and said: "I don't know how to teach kissing."


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