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Sunday, February 7, 2010

[Feature] The End Of 'The Voice': 巨聲真能成為巨星嗎?

Literally translation for the title: Can super voice really become a super star?

They use "super voice" (Chinese) to refer to the winner of TVB's singing contest show, The Voice. The Voice is supposedly a knock-off of US's American Idol, but really, I don't think winner of this show can actually become an "idol" nor the so called "super voice."

Look at its winners. The result is already announced more than two weeks ago. First place belongs to Mainland contestant, Wang Wen; Second: HK contestant, Ho Sze Wai; Third: Mainland contestant, Zhao Wen. The rest of those comforting awards are given to the ABC who did quite bad in his last performance, Lam Shi Kit, and the popular, fake Wu Zun, Hui Ting Hung. Just looking at the first place, and we all know she will not become a super star, at least in the Hong Kong music industry. It doesn't matter she has a good voice/super voice or not, it's not good enough to shape her into an actual star, or what I call "products." People in HK don't really care. Super star? NAH

Second place Ho Sze Wai is a potential star, however, she already said she will focus on her studies at this time, so that means she might release an album or something when she gets older. What's the point? She already lost the perfect timing and opportunity.

Other winners...."Best Improvement" & "Popularity Award"--they're not starry, both the award and people. No good, not good enough to be a "super star".

To sum it up, this show failed. It failed to produce a "super star" for its local industry. The act of adding Mainland and Taiwanese contestants after they won is RIDICULOUS. Unless you were there in show from the beginning and you won, I don't care where you're from; but winning the contest when you came during the show, it's not fair to the other contestants and the audience, who have been there since its first audition.

(I really like this article by Mr. Chu from Singtao Newspaper: 《 超級巨聲 》沉寂終結)

By KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

(*edit*....i just realized I wrote 'I really this article'...missing 'like' -.-)

Jamie Lynn Spears' New Man — He's 10 Years Older!

Oh MAN...just like Hayden Panettiere dating Milo Ventimiglia...

Star magazine reported the 18-year-old is currently dating a 28-year-old businessman named James Watson. He owns a multimedia company and seems like he's making quite amount of money. Is she going to pop another innocent baby soon? Let me guess, it's just a spring fling, don't tell me she is going to marry him or I'll, I don't know what I'll do (laugh).

From Star Magazine, by KAY@kay-entertainment.blogspot.com

Wong He: I Am Not As Good As Amigo Chui!

Monday, February 8, 2010 Hong Kong
Source: Wenweipo & The Sun

Translated by: KAY@PA

Stephen Chan led Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Shirley Yeung, Kary Ng, Sharon Chan, etc. to attend his new book event yesterday. After Stephen introduced his new book and the objective of this event, host Wong He didn't know how to react. Then he told everyone to come up on the stage to have group photo during gift distribution. After that, he didn't seem to know that there will be colleagues coming up to the stage to give them flowers. All these failed performances made Stephen couldn't help to tease Wong He, "No wonder TVB didn't sign you the TVB management contract, your hosting skill isn't as good as Amigo Chui's!"

Wong He replied sourly, "I am not as good as Amigo Chui! I'm just doing it for someone. I'll donate my pay to Amigo." Stephen explained, "I was just joking! But indeed he isn't that good in hosting. Amigo was supposed to host for this event, but he couldn't seeing that many people. I listen to what he said now. He is insecure, doesn't believe in people, and is anxious in front of reporters. (He will volunteer in Haiti?) He wanted to volunteer in Africa last year and is planning to leave at the end of March. There will be an event related to today's in May, I think he can attend by then."

Christy Chung Gives Birth To A 7.3lb Daughter

39-years-old actress Christy Chung gave birth to a 7.3lb baby girl yesterday morning at 6am. Christy and her husband named their daughter Cayla.

Christy have a 11-years-old daughter from a previous relationship. Husband Yan Zheng Xiang is a well-know music person.

Source: ON.CC / Translated by: KAY

Oxide Pang Promises To Love Angelica Lee For 50 Years

Angelica Lee and Oxide Pang tied in knots with the acknowledgment of over 100 family members and friends. They became husband and wife officially. Angelica was so touched and husband Oxide took this advantage to make his promise of love to her. Angelica released a press release to the media and they discovered that Oxide already has a daughter called Yan Yan. Reporters contacted Oxide and he admitted generously, "I worked in Thailand before. I lived there with a local girl and she gave birth to Yan Yan, but we broke-up because of personality differences. I didn't want to have any regret, so I decided to take the custody of Yan Yan."

Oxide said frankly that he had a hard time finding a girlfriend after wards. He understood what is true love until he met Angelica, "Angelica stayed in Hong Kong for three years to take care of my daughter. It was the period when she had numerous job opportunities and I went to the US for work. It's such a big sacrifice." The two separated for 5 days once, but later he felt he couldn't lose her. He said, "I told her these 5 days exchanged our 50 years in the future."

During the ceremony of picking up the bride, Angelica's sister group requested Oxide to eat a cake with 4 favors (sweet, sour, bitter, n' spicy). As for the amount of money in his red envelope, Oxide refused to disclose the actual amount, but joked will turn them into RM, Thai Baht, and HKD to the sister group.

Source: ON.CC / Translated by: KAY@PA

Taiwanese Movie 'Monga' Takes 10 Million+ NTD In Its First Day, Beats 'Avatar'

Taiwanese movie 'Monga' (艋舺) is released officially on February 5 and its first day box office already drew 18 million NTD in total, beating box office winner for 50 days consecutively, 'Avatar'. It also made the record of having the highest box office in one day for Taiwanese movies. Notable lines spoke in the movie, such as "What is significance? I only heard of personal loyalty, never heard of significance!", became hits already and a netizen even said, "What is 'Avatar'? I only know 'Monga'!"

Another good news for Taiwanese movie, 'Monga'.

Second day box office broke 37 million NTD. Director Doze Niu pointed out happily that Taiwanese movies had waited for so many years to be released on Chinese New Year period. He hopes to share this happiness with everyone and hopes try harder in the future. Niu also said, it's not a surprise to win 'Avatar' in Taiwan; if 'Monga' can win 'Avatar' in the US, then this is surely a Taiwan pride.

Source: China Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  


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