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Friday, April 30, 2010

Kelvin Kwan Is Still Friends With Jill Vidal

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY
Last year Kelvin Kwan and Jill Vidal were arrested in Japan for alleged possesion of drugs. He apologized when he returned and said will retire from the industry to reflect. But then he went to Taiwan in secret to meet young model Mika and their bed photos were leaked. His image is once again affected and almost ruined his comeback plan.

After hiding for a year, Kelvin finally returned and accepted an interview by Cha Siu Yan. Talked about the incident in Japan, he said he felt very sorry: "Company and daddy tried hard to teach me, but I did something that hurt them a lot, I felt very orry!" Talked about his old love Jill, he said they still keep in touch: "We're still good friends. We put our job as top priority, won't think about dating now."

Joey Yung Accepts One Night Stand, Denise Ho Feels Disgusted

Source: Singtao
Translated by: KAY
Joey Yung, Denise Ho, and Wilfred Lau accepted interviews by Big 4 (William So, Andy Hui, Edmond Leung, and Dick Cheung) for new show "Big4大四喜," talking about stories after getting drunk, ways to deal with paparazzi, and views on getting along with opposite sex. Joey expressed she would pursue guys she like, and will call him after exchanging phone numbers. She said her ex-boyfriend is an example.

As for one night stand, Denise felt disguised. She believes one can't reach that type of relationship without affections. But Joey said: "If he is someone I really love, and he can only give me this one opportunity, I think I can accept it." Andy disclosed once he was out of the country for a job and a female invited him to chat in her room. But in the end he didn't do anything with that female.

Vivien Yeo Generously Wishes Eric Suen All The Best

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Vivien Yeo, Samantha Ko, Loretta Chow, Lee Yee Man attended to a volleyball event press conference yesterday. Vivien said she doesn't dare to play volleyball, afraid it will leave bruises on her hands and her manager would yell at her. She would usually run and swim to keep fit. Asked lately Eric Suen admitted Macy Chan is his girlfriend, Vivien generously praised Macy is a nice girl. She wished the two can stay together to the end. She hopes she can find her Mr. Right, too, saying she's pretty looking and has a good body, the only bad point is a little too emotional.

Also at the event, Samantha expressed she hopes beauty companies will sponsor her and she doesn't mind even if she has to appear in sexy outfits. As for sexy newcomers keep appearing, she said: "You don't just look at their chests to determine whether they are pretty or not."

Donnie Yen: Going Home Is More Important Than Box Office

Donnie Yen's character from "Yip Man" is now available in a wax figure in HK Madame Tssauds wax museum. Yesterday he attended to the opening ceremony. Wife Cecilia Wang came to support with her parents, sister, and cousin. Donnie felt the eyes resembled the best.

Donnie's "Yip Man 2" has a box office of 3,720,000HKD (opening day) and is so far his best selling film in one day. He is very satisfied with the box office. First installment has box office around one million in its opening day, this time is the triple.

He said since it has a good box office, he will definitely invite others to dinner. He also hope it will exceed 40 million and boss Raymond Wong will pay everyone a trip to Japan. He stressed earlier that he won't film a 3rd installment, now the sequel has a good outcome, will he reconsider? He expressed he won't because there's not much new elements he can add to the character. Also too many people portray the same character, like "Wong Fei Hung" before, which turned out pretty bad in the end. He won't be like other people. Foreign film "Iron Man 2" will open today and asked is he confident in beating "IM2?" Donnie said it's hard to say, "YM2" has good word-of-mouth, Mainland viewers said it surpassed the first one. He said: "Decide who will win or go home, which one is more important? Of course I'll pick the latter one."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Roy Chow Announces Wife Is Carrying A Baby Girl

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Roy Chow's birthday was on the 29th. Friends and family all gave him baby products as gifts. He said: "It's confirmed that my wife Yu Chiu is carrying a daughter. I've been thinking already that my daughter would put on make-up and has boyfriends, etc when she grew up. I must be very worried, worry guys will sleep with my daughter!" Reporters joked isn't he sleeping with other people's daughter, Roy said: "I love her! Not sleeping with randomly!" He said he would definitely be a jealous father-in-law in the future.

Talked about his health problem, Roy expressed he went to see the 4th doctor already and the doctor also said his current condition is not life-threatening. Roy said: "Can remove some 'brain water' using ventricular catheter, also can choose to check up regularly. At this stage it's not life-threatening, so no need to do surgery, but can't do extreme physical activities."


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