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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wayne Lai Confident in His 'Chok Look'

Even TV King Wayne Lai likes to be "chok."

TVB's new game show <華麗明星賽> (All Star Glam Exam) was taping its first episode yesterday and hosts Grasshopper invited Wayne Lai, Anita Yuen, Christine Ng, and Michael Fitzereld Wong as guests. For the warm-up games, guests have to pose along the music being played in front of 8 different cameras. TV King Wayne was being very "chok" at the game. Christine went wild, catwalking and taking off her jacket to do funny faces. It was a little messy for Anita, where she had to fix her shirt during the game because of big movements.

Seemed to enjoy posing "chok looks," Wayne said he was very into it. But asked whether he can be more "chok" than Raymond Lam, he humbly said: "I think we are about the same. I'm an idol now!"

*Again, what is 'chok'? It comes from the word 'choking' and now becomes a word to describe people posing with a cool, cute, handsome, etc expressions, trying to capture fans' hearts and look good on-screen. (There's a pretty nice video on YouTube that probably explains even better XD)

Source: Mingpao, ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Miriam Yeung Wins Her First 'Best Actress' Award

Miriam Yeung is finally the "Best Actress."

The 17th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards was held yesterday. Cantopop singer Miriam Yeung won her first "Best Actress" award at the ceremony with movie "Perfect Wedding."

Receiving the award from well-known director Johnnie To, Yeung got emotional and dropped tears. She expressed she didn't know much about movies back then, but started to learn a lot gradually. Started off her career as a singer, she is thankful her role as an actress is finally recognized.

"Besides actors' efforts, it's also important to give chances to us. Thank you everyone for giving me a chance to improve. Film critics acknowledged my role as an actress, and that is something I've always wanted it to happen these years."

Yeung is another successful singer-turned-actress in 2000s. She started her movie career in 1998 and a lot of her movies did well in the box office. She has been nominated "Best Actress" in the Golden Horse Awards and currently in a race to win "Best Actress" of this year's Hong Kong Film Awards, which will be held on April 17.

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Penny Tai's Money Stolen By Close Friend (Now Confirmed to be Singer Jet Yi Jie Qi)

The suspect
A large amount of money was fraudulently withdrawn from singer Penny Tai's bank account. The case was solved as the suspect, who is a close friend of Dai, admitted the crime.

Tai recently discovered $300,000NTD were withdrawn from her bank account 3 days in the row; however, she did not lose her ATM card.

The 32-year-old immediately reported it to the police and viewed the surveillance camera. She later posted the video on her Facebook and called fans for help.

Just a day after Tai posted the video, she received a phone call from a male friend (now confirmed to be Malaysian singer Jet Yi Jie Qi) and he admitted the crime. They went to the police the next day and he returned the money.

According to Yi, he needs money recently and decided to use Tai for help. He secretly took out the ATM card from her bag and went to get the money; then he put it back when he returned. He tried passwords Tai used often for her computer and accounts when withdrawing the money.

Because Yi is a close friend of hers, Tai could not believe it and was very upset. However, she decided to forgive and no further action will be taken against her friend.

Some people believe the incident is Tai's way of promoting herself. Tai denied this on Facebook and expressed her helplessness.

"I'm not releasing an album right now, no need for me to promote. Thanks for hurting me again just after this incident!"

Source: Apple Daily, Liberty Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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