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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Felix Wong Still Refuses to Attend the 43rd TVB Anniversary Awards

"Gun Metal Grey" is "boycotting" tomorrow's TVB Anniversary Awards and Felix Wong decided not to show up to express his dissatisfaction towards TVB's neglect to his series. Although TVB has been inviting him to attend, but he stands still and refused. His assistant said: "TVB did call us, but Wah Gor refuses to go! (Is it because he has work that day?) No, just it's a family day."

Manager responsible for the Anniversary Awards Chan Kar Yeung admits TVB has tried its best to invite the actor and is notified he will not attend. Chan said: "Felix is not mad, it's just Michael Miu and producer of 'Gun Metal Grey' aren't coming." So far it is confirmed only Nancy Wu and Vincent Wong are the two representatives of "Gun Metal Grey" to attend the awards ceremony.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Da Mouth's Personal Belongings Are Stolen

Mandopop group Da Mouth showed up at Beijing's Public Security Bureau last night because backpacks of members 40 and Harry Chang were stolen. Photos and e-mails in their digital devices are at risk of leaking out.

After the group finished an album signing in Beijing, they found door of their car was forced open. Harry and 40's backpacks were gone. Their computers, two sets of headphones, PSP, new camera, Harry's black jacket, about $15,000NTD, IDs, and credit cards were all gone.

It is known the group left their belongings in the car because they had to check into a new hotel. Computers of rest of the members did not get taken away: Aisa put hers in the big luggage and DJ Chung Hua brought his to stage.

The unfortunate 40 and Harry are very upset. "Quite helpless," 40 said. It is good that there are only music and regular photos in the computers. However, they worried about their e-mails with other artistes might leak out. Now they can only hope it will not cause any inconvenience to involved artistes.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Skye Chan Cries 1 Liter of Tears On Wedding Day

Miss Hong Kong Skye Chan finally wed boyfriend of 8 years Chan Ho-Yin last night and they held their a 15-table wedding dinner in InterContinental HK Hotel.

Wearing sponsored jewelries that are 3 million HKD worth, Skye expressed she already cried 1 liter of tears today. She is very surprised and touched that her husband asked her idol Ekin Cheng, Joe Ma, and Jim Yan to say blessing words to her. "I can't believe my idol would congratulate me, too!," she said. She also expressed she will not use contraception after marriage and hopes to get pregnant soon.

The bride invited good sisters Samantha Ko, Janet Chow, Katy Kung, Sarah Song, and Nadia Lun to be her bridesmaids. Samantha was sexiest, exposing her 3-inch deep "career line." But Skye did not mind and she actually pick that dress for Samantha. The sexy Samantha even received the bride's bouquet Skye thrown. She said: "I do hope to get married. But I think the next person in our group to get married would be Janet!"

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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