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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bernice Liu Leaves With A Black Face

Bernice Liu and actors from TVB sitcom "Show Me the Happy" attended to a Dongzhi meal party yesterday. Currently "trouble" with lots of negative rumors, Bernice told reporters when she saw them that she already account everything in the radio interview and will not reply to romance-related topics. Asked whether she will eat Dongzhi dinner with her new man Alastair Lam, she said: "Need to film until tomorrow morning." Talked about Moses Chan is filming in nearby studio, she said: "I don't know! (Can't even meet each other in the same dressing room?) I went to the studio after I shoot outdoor scenes. (Avoid meeting each other?) No! We're colleagues, still keep in touch." Talked about why she did not deny Moses is the one who release information to reporters, Bernice turned black-faced [unhappy, not a good mood] and left immediately.

Bernice's costar Roger Kwok expressed he has not contact Moses recently. Asked whether he would introduce non-materialistic women to the dumped actor, he said: "How do you know he doesn't have money? No need to introduce in this generation." Roger said he has not seen any man driving Bernice to work and home. The dad-to-be also disclosed he and wife Cindy Au went to a check-up yesterday and the baby is doing well; but cannot figure out the gender yet. Cindy is expected to give birth in July and he might put his jobs on hold to welcome the baby.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Selina Ren's Current Condition (12/22/2010)

Selina Ren's fiance Richard Chang (Ah Chong) updated Selina's current condition today in a long letter on HIM.COM. The following are the main points of the letter:

"Make This Challenge More Meaningful!"
  • 54% burnt surface means only 1/2 of her back, 3/4 of her shoulders and front stomach, less than 1/2 of her arms, palms of both hands, toes, and bottom of her foot are not injured.
  • New-grown skin are thin, dry, and easy to break, but they are growing out quickly.
  • Rehabilitation is very tough for her because she has to bear great pain. Depressed, cried, tired, still need to do it again afterward.
  • Third degree burn means she's going to face a long term of sequelae after she recovered. It's impossible for her appearance to be like before.
  • Muscle atrophy changed her body. Both of her legs are like a beehive. Injuries on her arms are like fresh raw beef. Other parts of the body look like they are taped with irregular shapes of pink bandaids.
  • She doesn't want to believe it but it's not a dream...She's completely hopeless but dreams of hope. She wants to return to the past but can only welcome the future. She is afraid but still need to prepare herself and comfort everyone with her smiles.
  • This challenge would be more meaningful if proper investigation is encouraged, if director and staff don't try to avoid the incident, if the media just want to get exclusive photos of the injured Selina, if they tell what they should've told, face what they should've faced, be responsible for things they should be responsible for, and improve anything necessary.
  • No matter how long she has to endure pain, she's still waiting for the day that she will pass this challenge. I'm still waiting for S.H.E's next album. Maybe her body and looks are unable to recover completely, but she will be back, and will be soon...In the future, I believe, this society won't just be curious about her change in looks, there are more meaningful and significant concerns waiting for her.
Selina's good sister Ella Chen also replied to this letter. She questions and asks explanation and apology from related organization and staff. The singer exposes there wasn't even a wet towel available at the set for the explosive scene.

Source: Ah Chong's letter / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Barbie Hsu Passes Out Wedding Cakes

After she announced her engagement and marriage in recent months, Barbie Hsu is now passing out wedding cakes to people (it's a Chinese wedding tradition to pass out wedding cakes/pastries to relatives and friends). The wedding cakes box is specially created on the request from the actress that it's currently not available to others. Considering husband Wang Xiao Fei has studied in France before, the box contains French dessert such as all kinds of chocolate and soft fruit candies.

A round card with a photo of the couple's back is placed outside the box, it writes: "We are very happy." The card is created from the phone and Barbie says she just want to deliver this happy feeling to everyone.

Source: Liberty Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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