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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Barbie Hsu Confirms She's Married

It really is official! Barbie Hsu (Da S) made the announcement through her management company earlier today. She and Wang Xiao Fei were indeed married on the 16th in Beijing. They released a photo that was taken at the marriage registration office, as well as a statement from Da S. In the brief message, she even shot back at Dee Hsu (Xiao S) who previously said Wang looks just like her husband Mike, but not as good-looking.

Here is Barbie Hsu's message:
Xiao Fei and I registered our marriage in Beijing on November 16th. Thank you for everyone’s concern and well wishes. Both of our families are very happy! Xiao Fei and I will continue with our work as usual. We would like to ask our friends from the media to give us some room, and be aware of their own safety while they chase after us! Thank you.

P.S. The handsomeness of my husband is no less than my brother-in-law (referring to Dee Hsu’s husband.)

Da S
Source: NowNews / Translation: PA @ CpopAccess

Aaron Yan On His Sexual Orientation: 'More Important to Be True to Myself'

Aaron Yan to hold a birthday concert "The Wall" on the 20th and he is very serious about his outfits. When he is going abroad, he will definitely bring other suitcase to hold other casual clothes: "I have to wear different clothes in different airport. If I wear the same one, fans will say I didn't change clothes." He will play piano at the concert and will sing Taiwanese songs in his concert. It is also confirmed that he will release an individual single next year.

His sexual orientation is always doubt by other people, and he said: "I will definitely get married." He is the only son in the family but is not pressured about having sons. Talking about his sexual orientation, he said: "It's more important to be true to myself." His parents did not ask or doubt him, but he cares a lot about his appearance now. He will even draw eyeliner, but he thinks it is normal: "It's stressing the best part on me. I dot it on my lids, so it looks thicker."

Source: China Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Nancy Wu's Sexy Scenes Receive Complaints

TVB's "Gun Metal Grey" aired its 13th episode last night and the Broadcast Authority received 3 complaints regarding to that episode, noting Stone Sir (Felix Wong)'s transformation is disturbing, the series is defaming photographers, and rape scenes are inappropriate.

The plot is about Team A dealing with a pseudo-model rape-killing case and they send their team member Hui Man Sze (Nancy Wu) as an undercover to their target Franky (Stephen Huynh). Man Sze portrays as a sexy pesudo-model and take very sexy photos with Franky so he will show his killer side. But Franky escapes and goes after Man Sze's sister (Jessica Hsuan). Stone Sir arrives at the building and gets angry when he sees Franky tries to erase evidences; then he starts to hit Franky.

Scenes of raping and sexy photo-taking are considered too bold and that is the reason it receives complaints. The photographer character is said of defaming the profession.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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