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Monday, February 21, 2011

Michael Tse Denies Being 'Chok'

Another TVB artist accused of trying to be 'chok'?

In his latest drama "The Rippling Blossom," Michael Tse plays a sushi chef who seeks perfectionism and cares a lot about his profession. He is seen frowning a lot and rarely smiles in the drama. Netizens joke that his cool face can be compared to Raymond Lam, who is said to have the number 1 'chok look' in TVB.

However, Michael denied being 'chok' and said he is probably just looking at people from the sides.

Thinking back days when he filmed "The Rippling Blossom," Michael said now he has more knowledge about eating sushi. He went back to the place where they filmed in Japan and challenged eating a bowl of super spicy and hot ramen at a restaurant. He also exposed when they were filming in studios, many artists would pay a visit and eat sashimi, especially Jessica Hsuan.

"Jessica always come over to see if there is anything good to eat."

*What is 'chok'? It comes from the word 'choking' and now becomes a word to describe people posing with a cool, cute, handsome, etc expressions, trying to capture fans' hearts.

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Raymond Lam is Mad At Photos Leak

Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh's upcoming drama <花花世界花家姐> (rough translation: Colorful World of Sister Fa) has not been released yet, however, photos taken during filming were already leaked online.

The drama's release date is not confirmed but lately a fan has been posting unreleased photos of the drama online, which would have been posted on the drama's official page later on. These photos include Raymond in a jungle dress and Raymond self-snapping with Charmaine.

Drama photos would usually release by the external affairs department two weeks before the drama premiers. TVB is currently in an investigation to figure out who leaks these photos. It would take legal actions if personal profit is involved. However, the situation is different if Raymond's fans are using them just to promote their idol's drama.

Raymond himself is mad at the photo leak, because his surprises for audiences are exposed now. His partner Charmaine is also disappointed and hopes the company would take this incident seriously.

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

[Kay says: fans are happy, but no the creative team. I don't think that fan should've put those photos up. & I feel like she doesn't think she is wrong at all. Sharing is good...but...sigh. I went and check, there are ALOT of them. The surprise is ruined for me, do you still want to be surprised? If so, wait!]

Selina Ren's Fiance Drops Tears During TV Interview

After her father and sister were interviewed on television, Selina Ren's fiance Richard Chang appeared on a TV interview yesterday.

Making his first TV program appearance, Chang talked about Selina's side of story and described the explosive scene was not seriously planned out. The S.H.E member was actually very nervous on the day of filming the explosive scene. There were no water, stunt double, rehearsal, and not even the basic fire equipment. Looking at the videos Selina's assistant took before the accident, Selina and her partner Yu Hao Ming were standing at the door of the warehouse. Already scared to death, Selina eventually walked in while holding Yu's hand.

"Selina was very scared but she didn't dare to speak out," Chang said. "They just took their first step, and the explosion already happened. No time to even run away!"

The immediate treatment after the accident was a joke, too. The heavily burned Selina and Yu were sent to a nearby small hospital, but the hospital refused to treat them; it was Selina who called an ambulance from a specialized hospital to the set. Only a stretcher was available when the ambulance arrived and Yu generously let Selina to lay on it. Chang expressed Selina is very grateful of Yu's action.

"During the one hour ride to the hospital, Yu was encouraging her. A little black person encouraging another black person, Selina didn't forget about this part."

The singer's legs are sacrificed in this brutal accident. Other than the bottom of her feet and toes, all other areas of her feet are ruined. Chang said the singer cannot sleep well after the accident because of pain. She can only bend her knees 90 degrees. She should be able to walk fine in half of a year if she continues physiotherapy. However, still a long way to go.

"I've been thinking what I want the most during this period. Apology? Money? It's all meaningless. The thing [healthy Selina] I want can't return anymore," Chang sobbed. "I think it needs 20 years for scars and everything to be healed. Basically, she doesn't have sweat glands on her legs anymore."

Chang dropped tears three times on the show and cannot seem to let it go. He said Selina does not blame anyone, but sometimes on herself for being a coward.

"She said it's her fault, too. It might be alright she just say she is scared. She even blames herself for running too slowly. But I don't think it's her fault!"

It is said their wedding would be hold on April 1 as planned, however, Chang announced it would be delayed indefinitely and the decision is made by him and Selina.

"We've been discussing it. The longer it delays, the better she would recover. I hope she can be a pretty and happy bride on her big day."

Source: NowNews, Apple Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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