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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stephy Fans Attack on Weibo, Ah Gill Stays Up at Night to Delete Comments

Gilliang Chung (Ah Gill) made her official comeback this year. First regrouped TWINS with Charlene Choi and held a concert in April, then her film "Ex" released in theaters. In order to build popularity, never write blog andFacebook, Ah Gill opened her Weibo (Sina mini blog) to attract fans in Mainland.

Lately her old film with ex-rumored boyfriend Alex Fong "The Fantastic Water Babes" is arranged to release in July. Coincidentally, it's after the rumor of Alex and Stephy Tang getting married in October. Fans of Ah Gill and Stephy started a verbal fight on Weibo. Recently when Ah Gill and Alex traveled between Mainalnd  Hong Kong to promote movie, Ah Gill said she is touched by Alex's sincerity in the film. When reporters questioned about her current relationship status, she said shyly to Alex: "You can try to see if it works out!" Later, she exposed in an interview that she has an aftertaste for a scene where she was hugged by Alex: "He was into his character, he hugged too tightly, I couldn't move." It immediately caused unsatisfactory among Stephy's fans. They kept commenting on Ah Gill's Weibo, pointing out Ah Gill and Alex don't look good together, and told Ah Gill don't stick with Alex because he only has Stephy, etc.

(ForeverLoveYanYan replied @GillSa: Don't look good together at all; Please understand, now Siu Fong is a pair with Yan Yan, you lost Juno but don't take Siu Fong away and won't let go of him)

Many Stephy's fans left comments to yell at Ah Gill on Ah Gill's Weibo, including foul languages and there are a lot of people commenting, especially during midnight. Usually there are hundreds on comments in average, but because fans of Ah and Stephy yelling at each other, comments increased to nearly thousands. Sources said: "Ah Gill already contacted Sina, hoping they can help to remove those malicious comments. But because the number is a lot, the old ones haven't been deleted and the new ones are already up, once accumulated up to four thousand. In the end Ah Gill decided to delete her blog entries and hasn't been on Weibo for several days, hoping to calm this incident.

(LaiYanUnion replied @MimiCat: Misss Chung and Mr. Chan took explicit pictures, so Mainland doesn't welcome her)

"Stephy's fans never like Ah Gill sticking with Alex, so they left bad comments. Some extremists would even bring up the Edison Chen incident again, so Ah Gill has to look at her Weibo every night, blacklisting those people. Her fans would guard for Ah Gill the whole day. Ah Gill even sent personal  ails to fthank fans who have helped."

On the 15th Ah Gill attended to an event for "Ex," admitting netizens leaving inappropriate comments: "Weibo is the place where I chat with fans, I don't want people to pollute it, so once asked Sina to help me delete them! (Lately some titled themselves Stephy's fans leaving comments that they don't want you to be with Alex?) Well earlier some people also objected me pairing with William Chan, everyone has different looks at things. (Stephy's fans did it?) Can't be right? Just some some mischievous actions! (Your fans and her fans attack each other!" My fans shouldn't have done such thing." As for Stephy, she expressed through Gold Typhoon that she has no reply to the incident.

Source: Sudden Weekly / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Cyndi Wang Plays Jing Chang's Lady, Pole Dances Casually

Source: Taiwan Next Magazine / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
After being hurt by Fan Zhi Wei, Cyndi Wang hasn't accept any new jobs besides the ones that she already promised to do. After a month, Cyndi accepted her first job in low-profile and it's Jing Chang Yun Jing's MV female lead for her new song <<愛情選項>>. After her break-up with Fan Zhi Wei, she rather plays a lesbian character in MV, also proving Jing is appealing to women.
On June 23 around 10AM, Cyndi appeared at a park in a cute and lively outfit. Wearing a pair of high heel sneakers, she was actually filming MV for Jing's new single <<愛情選項>>. Although this song is from Jing's new album "The Opposite Me," but its lyrics seem to describe Cyndi's inner world: "Seperate or forgive, should wait, or let go...true heart or facade, should trust or lie, happy or get hurt, should share or pretend, I choose, but so what," it really fits her feelings of after being used by Fan Zhi Wei earlier. Maybe that's why although Cyndi hasn't duet with Jing yet, but is willing to be his MV lead to perform lesbian love scenes.
During filming, Cyndi got high suddenly, holding the lightpole on the streets, raised her thigh and started to pole dance, and she seemed to enjoy it a lot. After her pole dance show, she sat back next to Jing. From the scene, the two purposely tried to pretend they're not close with each other.

Chapman To and Wong Cho Lam Film Bed Scene

In new film "La Comédie Humaine," Chapman To has a different kind of performance with Wong Cho Lam. Besides having "bed scenes" with Cho Lam, Chapman also showed up topless, trying to fight against the popular "lang mo." In the film, the two have a close and ambiguous relationship. Chapman said: "Because the scene is about I fainted due to a fever, he saved me and brought me home, he helped me to take off my shirt, releasing some heat, he also applied medicated oil on me and fed me congee." Asked his feelings of filming bed scene with Cho Lam, he said: "Not embarrassed, just two men. It's good that during filming he didn't do 'Fun With Liza and Gods' yet, didn't have Angelababy this pretty look, otherwise I really afraid I would have physiological reactions." Looking at his chest measurement, it's not bad compared to lang mo, he said: "After I quit smoking, I did get fatter, but doctor said I'm healthy and it's normal."

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jay Chou's New Album Sold 1 Million Copies in Asia

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Jay Chou's new album "The Era" has sold 1 million copies in Asia so far and he held a celebration dinner yesterday. It's said Show Luo was Taiwan record industry's best selling artiste last quarter, Jay's record company expressed they are unclear about it, but stressed "The Era" sold 120,000 copies in Taiwan, and they didn't exaggerate the number.

Jay would film sequel for "Secret" next year. He is currently looking for actors, he said: "This is a brand new story, so won't find familiar actors to perform." As for his 10 year showbiz career, Jay described it with "very good." He hopes to be like director John Woo, leaving a handprint on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.


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