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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Selina's Dad Expose Daughter's Wedding Date, Rushing to Find New House and Getting Married Next Year

Source: Next Media
Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Selina Ren @ S.H.E accepted boyfriend of 3 years Richard Chang Cheng Chong's confession during her concert. Yesterday her dad Ren Ba exposed the two's wedding date is set to be in next year, his daughter is finding a new house right now: "I hope engagement and wedding can be done all at once. As for the date, we would respect his family's decision." Selina's record company HIM Music replied: "Happy to see her doing great," stressing S.H.E won't disband.

It was back to the end of 2006 when S.H.E hold their concert in Taipei arena. That night Richard Chang and his mom enjoyed the show with tickets given by Selena's mom; it was his first time meeting S.H.E. Last month he finally confessed his love to Selena bravely at her concert, he said after wards: "This is fate given by God." Because the seat where he sat that night, was almost the same seat where he sat at S.H.E's concert 3 1/2 years ago.

As for wedding date being exposed, Selina replied shyly: "Let it be, now I'm enjoying this sweet love." She said the biggest matchmaker in this relationship is her mom and Richard's mom, and also her teammates Hebe and Ella. Worry whether her group would be affected because of marriage? Selina said confidently: "We would become a sexy and free female group." Hebe gave her blessing: "Very happy and excited, wifey (Selina's nickname) is very cool and brave."

Jessica C. Celebrates World Cup With Hot and Sexy Photos

Source: Oriental Daily and The Sun
Translated by: KAY
World Cup kicks off today and model Jessica C. (JC) celebrates it with hot and sexy photos! Yesterday photos from her upcoming photo album were exposed, there are some half-nude photos where she lies on the bath tub topless, only covering her breasts with long hair. JC expressed during the photo shoot, she was extremely cautious with every move, trying not to expose her nipples. Of course bikini beach photos aren't left out, JC showed off her 4-inches deep 'career line' with tempting expression. Because of her busy schedule, this time she only took pictures in Hong Kong and Macau.

JC's photo album "Just Jessica" will be released along with the book fair. Her senior Ana R. is worried about Jessica's photo album, even being Jessica's image consultant and picked clothes for her, even teaching her how to pose sexily and attractively. Last year Angelababy and Chrissie Chau were big winners in the book fair. This year JC entered the battle, her manager is confident in JC's photo album, 15,000 copies have been printed, but expected to print more.

Always like to watch the World Cup, JC expressed she supports Brazil, loves Brazil's Kaka the most, she said: "Kaka is handsome and good, but most importantly he's a good husband and cares about the family. (Is he in your sexual fantasies?) Haha, in my heart my boyfriend is the best, no one can replace him."

Rabee Yeung Awaits For Her Wedding Day

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Miss Hong Kong 2003 runner-up Rabee Yeung is fluent in both Chinese and English, so she is always invited to host many events. Lately she was the host for an event held by Rudis Sylva. Wearing an expensive watch that is worth two million, she was extremely careful: "There are only two of this watches in Hong Kong, its cost is enough for me to buy a house!" Currently dating Tim@Dear Jane, she said she is waiting him to give her a diamond couple watch.

Rabee also paid attention to this year's Miss Hong Kong semifinalists and praised them to have high qualities. She still keep contact with contestants from her year, and lately attended to Mandy Cho's house warming party: "That time we were very happy to see her, she shared the sweet proposal to us and showed her 3-carat diamond ring!" She said she always have a heart of getting married, but just have to wait for the right  time.

Next Time Dating, Jerry Yan: Would Make It Public

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY
Away from Beijing for 5 years, Jerry Yan held a book signing for his photo album "9314 Man and Boy" in the city. He once dated Chi-ling Lin, a romantic relationship that the two couldn't make it public. Yesterday it was his first time talking about romance in the future: "If it's at a right situation, I would make it public to everyone."

As for qualities of his other half, he said: "Want to find a serious girl, although I got older, but I am not mature enough, need a exquisite girl to take care of me." He stressed relationship depends on  fate, if that day really comes, he would tell everyone.

Jerry went to Australia to shoot photos for this photo album, he joked that the media should introduce girlfriends to him: "If I have a girlfriend, maybe I would bring her to Australia, open a farm there, and take care of little animals together. Although I'm not someone who knows how to make girls happy, but I would try to tell jokes everyday to make her laugh."

As for new films, he expressed he's approached by several screen plays, his next film might be filmed in Mainland. He said: "Don't think I'm expensive, welcome everyone to approach to me. If there is a good film that can let me perform well, I'm willing to perform even unconditionally."

Bosco and Myolie Are 'Out-of-tune Couple'

Source: Singtao
Translated by: KAY
Bosco Wong attended to Jade Solid Gold (JSG) as guest last night to promote his new album. Asked did he comfort rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu, who was said singing out-of-tune, he said he even worries about himself singing out of tune. Because he hasn't appear in JSG for a long time, plus he doesn't have enough time to prepare, he worried about singing out of tune and forgetting lyrics. But fortunately when he performed, everything went fine.

Reporters teased he and Myolie are "out-of-tune yuenyeung*" [*YuenYeung is a beverage made from coffee and milk tea, also refer to an affectionate couple]?, Bosco said: "Coffee and milk tea?" He spoke up for Myolie again, telling everyone don't judge someone completely for a music note. There are many reasons why singers sing out of tune, has to look at the situation at that moment. He said Myolie worries about those reports very much, asked did he comfort her after wards? He said: "Yeah, Ah Jeh (Liza Wang) did too, not only me, many people support her.


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