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Friday, May 21, 2010

Joyce Cheng Successfully Lost Weight, Doesn't Dare To Wear Bikini Yet

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Joyce Cheng attended to a beauty company Sau San Tong event yesterday. She said: "Sau San Tong has been helping me to lose weight since 2003, from 230lbs to where I'm at now." Asked her current weight? She said: "I never dare to talk about that number. Besides the help from beauty company, I also have to eat according to the meals nutrionists approved, Chinese medicines and do yoga."

Joyce only disclosed when she was the fattest, her waist measurement was 40-inches. Now it's 29-inches and hopes to lose two more inches. To celebrate Joyce successfully lost weight, beauty company boss Shirley Cheung gave her a one-piece swimsuit. Asked why didn't she give bikini? Joyce said: "I can't accept wearing bikini yet, I'm a little shy, I never wear bikini before, only once and it was for fun, and I wore a shirt and shorts underneath. Hope I can accept wearing it in the future."

S.H.E. Apply US Visa Without Make-up, Selina Passes With Her Famous Song

S.H.E will hold a concert in Taipei Arena next week. Two days ago they spent some time to apply US visas because they will hold a concert in Connecticut, USA in middle of June.

This is S.H.E's second time going to the US. Last time it was in Las Vegas in 2004. Someone said he saw S.H.E and a bunch of other people went to apply for US visa. The three didn't have any make-up on and were nice to others. Next month the group would hold two shows in Connecticut, Gary Chaw is their special performer. They can earn about millions NTD this time.

When talking with AIT officials, Ella and Hebe passed easily but Selina was asked several more questions. The officer didn't know her and asked what does she do. When he heard she is a singer, he also asked her what is her famous song, Selina answered "Superstar." Because it's "superstar," he didn't ask anymore questions.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  

Liza Wang: Watch Another Show Then!

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY
Liza Wang (Ah Jeh) accepted a radio interview yesterday. As for netizens criticized her sings badly and out of tune. She attacked back: "If you don't like that person when you see him/her, I can't help that, then watch another show! As for some people said whether I sings out of tune, I think it's too much!" She said she is at the stage where she doesn't mind too much, so she isn't hurt: "Although some people are younger than me, but they can't reach my mentality. I'm always ahead of others!" She hopes everyone can learn how to tolerant: "Hope they can watch more things. The show isn't created for just some people, it's for families." In addition yesterday was her wedding anniversary, but she disclosed Law Ka Ying didn't give her any present: "He isn't here, working in Mainland."


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