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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sammul Chan Might Film TVB Dramas Again

Sammul Chan bashed TVB earlier in a television interview. When attended to the promotion of his "last" TVB drama "Relic of an Emissary", he was accompanied by TVB's external affairs assistant director Tseng during interviews, perhaps a way to make sure he is not saying inappropriate things again. Yesterday he and Myolie Wu attended to the promotion of their Mainland drama "Schemes of Beauty" and talked about TVB again: "Mr. Tseng is not here, I'm very worried. Not that I'm afraid they would point at me, just afraid people aren't going to write about it."

Sammul joked TVB can still buy his other dramas to play in their other channels. The world is round and he likes to go back to TVB. Asked whether he will fight for a better pay, he said: "No. Money is not one of the priorities. Depends on the story of the drama. Don't say I'm this arrogant. I'm actually very low-profile. Weibo is just a way for me to express feelings."

As for Joe Ma's wife opens fire at TVB, Sammul said: "Different cases." As for Virginia Lok said people need to experience hardships to have their names remembered, he said: "I already have. In fact, to certain degrees, the interview earlier has been edited. Like where I said I thanked TVB for raising me the past 11 years. So I said the world is round. We are also in talks about collaboration besides dramas. Hope it would happen soon, then those rumors would break themselves."

In addition, Bosco Wong exposed Myolie is disappointed that she didn't make into the top 10 TV female artists, she said: "Don't talk about these rumors. I'm not replying what he said. He to be the lead in a movie? None of my business." Asked whether there's a change in their relationship, she refused to reply.

Source: Mingpao  / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Joyce Cheng Will Turn Down BF's Proposal

Joyce Cheng attended to an event yesterday. She took a quiz and the result is that she is loyal to her boyfriend. Asked whether it's true with her boyfriend Mark Ryan, she joked: "I'm very unfaithful. I'll look at handsome guys! Is he perfect? I actually want to know whether I'm perfect in his heart." The couple have been dating for 4 years now and talked about marriage, but she said: "I just started my career these 2 years. If he proposes, I'll kill him! I need to release another album, don't stop me."

Talk about her father Adam Cheng didn't talk about old friend Tang Kwong Wing, who just passed away, Joyce said: "Maybe he wanted to talk about concert, so he didn't brought that up. In fact he is very sad."

Source: Mingpao  / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jessica Hsuan Confirms Long Working Hours

Joe Ma's wife complained about TVB artists are over-working. As for this, Joe's partner in "Flying Tigers" Jessica Hsuan agrees: "Actors don't sleep enough, it's been like that for many years. People around the world sleep more than us. I got used to it already. Everyone must experience that." However, she said TVB understands artists; they understand if actors can't film a drama.

The actress' contract with TVB ends this September, asked whether she would renew it? She said: "I haven't signed management contract with a long time. Now if I'm happy, I'll continue. If not, then I won't." As for TVB is losing their actors and actresses, she doesn't want to comment more.

Source: Mingpao  / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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