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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sheren Tang & Wayne Lai to Help Clean Cow Dung if Rating is Bad

Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Fala Chen, Raymond Wong, Susan Tse, and Pierre Ngo etc attended to the promotion event of new series "No Regrets" (aka Rosy Business 2) yesterday. All actors are very confident in the series. This is another great work from producer Lee Tim Sing and he promised if the series didn't receive good ratings, he would go to countryside to clean cow dung! Wayne and Fala also said they would help producer Lee to clean cow dung by then. Sheren joked she would use the cow dung they collected to open an organic farm.

Asked Wayne whether he's confident ratings of "No Regrets" can break Korean drama aired on TVB several years ago "Dae Jang Geum," he expressed even without counting online viewers, he is confident in breaking the record (50 points). He hopes the premier episode can have a rating of 38 points. Whether he's confident in winning "Best Series" in this year's anniversary series, he said: "I'm confident, because 'Can't Buy Me Love' is a comedy, but 'No Regrets' is a drama that can touch people's heart easily. Hope Tim Gor can win 'Best Screenplay' again, because Tim Gor put a lot of effort into it."

In addition, Fala will have to take off her clothes in order to save her family from Japanese soldiers, but viewers can only see above her shoulder. Asked whether she just showed shoulders, she said: "Keeping it a secret. Remember to tune it by then. It's different than wearing bra last time, viewers will be moved by the character."

Source: Mingpao, The Sun, Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Raymond Lam Massages Charmaine Sheh's Neck

Raymond Lam & Charmaine Sheh were shooting for new series "Flower World Flower Sister" last night. Although the former rumored couple doesn't have any intimate scenes in the series, but they're more "intimate" behind the scene. When they were talking about neck pain, Raymond didn't avoid massaging Charmaine's neck. Even Toby Leung, who was shooting her part the same night, teased them: "I won't interrupt them, I know what to do."

Raymond & Charmaine are popular nominees to win TV King & Queen. It's said Fala to level up and challenge the award of TV Queen, Charmaine praised Fala: "She works hard and is someone smart. Her Cantonese isn't that well, so she would memorize scripts with pinyin, and put more effort than other people. (Are you confident?) Talk about it later, don't even know whether I'll be nominated." Toby expressed she would be happy if she's nominated "Most Improved Actress."

As for Charlene Choi opened up her relationship with William Chan, Raymond expressed he didn't notice any signs of her dating someone; he will give his blessings to them.

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Mag Lam to Sing First in TVB Anniversary Lightning Ceremony

After she won singing competition show "The Voice 2," Mag Lam became popular rising star immediately. In next Monday's TVB Anniversary lightning ceremony, she will lead contestants from "The Voice 2" and sing classic TV series theme songs. The 20 year old just debuted to the industry for a short period and already has a chance to perform in a big show.

TVB's chairman Run Run Shaw is turning 103 next month, but he will still appear at the anniversary lightning ceremony. The organization plans to arrange nearly hundred of artistes to appear at the ceremony. Actors from anniversary series "No Regrets" and "Gun Metal Grey" will attend as well. Last year's TV King Wayne Lai will even sing theme song of "No Regrets," which seen as a way to welcome the premier of the new series airing right after the ceremony.

Source: The Sun, Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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