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Friday, August 20, 2010

Rainie Yang Blames Wu Zun For Her Weight Gain

Rainie Yang attended to a Brand's event yesterday and exposed because of Wu Zun, she gained weight near 50kg. The only good thing about it is that her cup-size is moving to a C.

She joked now she is Wu Zun's eating mate: "Because every time during filming, he would bring snack and dessert. I gain weight easily. This is the result of eating with him." Rainie said she only weight 39kg when she made her debut. When she measured her weight last week, it was 49.2kg. She was scared and decided to start dieting and get back to 45kg in a short amount of time.

Asked whether Wu Zun is the type of guy she likes? Rainie replied: "Never thought of dating a handsome guy. He is perfect, nothing to pick on." She expressed their relationship does got better and they get along well.

Source: UDN, Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Joey Yung Exposes Already Lost Her Virginity A Long Time Ago

Joey Yung attended to radio interview yesterday. As for she used "I haven't been opened yet" to reply to being a remaining woman, Joey helplessly said: "Everyone mistaken the meaning. I meant haven't try my hardest, haven't open up the market yet. I don't need to say this type of thing when releasing an album. (How come didn't explain right away?) No one asked me back. But after I said that, I saw reporters were smiling. (Then when did you lose it [virginity]?) Don't remember, long time ago."

As for good friend Denise Ho supports Joey is a "prosperous" woman, Joey said: "Really? As expected from someone educated." She also disclosed she would participate in a concert next week and invited the four famous dancers who danced with Rowan Tam before. She said: "Rowan has many different looks. I would change three outfits on the stage."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Wilber Pan Posts His 'Before After Plastic Surgery' Photo on Facebook

Wilber Pan is busy filming FTV's idol drama "Endless Love." When he is free, he would browse the web and recently he found his old photo is listed in a clip "Taiwanese star's plastic surgery before & after." Wilber even posted this picture on his Facebook for fun.

In the photo, Wilber obviously looked a lot fatter compared to now. He wore a heavy glasses and had a M-shaped hair style. In fact, he once shared this old photo with viewers on "Kangxi Lai Le" and people suspected he had plastic surgery. Wilber wrote on Facebook: "Saw this on youtube saying i did plastic surgery hahahah!"

Coincidentally, he plays a poor guy who has no confidence and doesn't dare to love in "Endless Love." Seeing their idol posted his old photo, Wilber fans replied online, some wrote: "Haha~ This photo is too exaggerating!" "Big difference, is that really Wilber?" Some also wrote: "Wilber is still very handsome."

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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