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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Twins Has A Hard-luck Concert in Macau

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) reunited as Twins again to hold their "Everyone Bounces Up Concert" in Macau last night. However, the group experienced many hard luck moments. Ah Gill's long wig almost fell off as she danced and needed Ah Sa to fix for her. Then later when they were supposed to sing "Female School Boy Students," only the music was played but no one appeared on the stage. The reason for that is because the girls' outfits broke accidentally during changing and they could not show up on time.

Besides these little accidents, Ah Gill also had a slip of tongue during the event. Ah Sa disclosed Twins plan to release a Mandarin album next year, and Ah Gill replied: "Wait until when it really is out."

Then during interviews when Ah Sa was asked whether she knows about divorced couples can equally share their properties, Ah Gill said: "Then you are benefited!," making Ah Sa quite embarrassed. Ah Sa said: "I don't need it. As long as everyone is happy. I'm saying this again, Ronald and I finished necessary procedures already. Hope everyone is happy." When asked why she did not invite boyfriend William Chan as guest, she said: "Ask our company."

But there were indeed some touching moments at the concert. It was Ah Sa's birthday (lunar calendar) andAh Gill and their fans sang a birthday song together. Ah Gill said emotionally: "These 9 years working with Ah Sa, we have to separate because of some matters..." Her tears was dropping by then. Ah Sa replied: "Got it!"

Twins' concert in Macau is the first stop of their world tour this year and they plan to go to other places if there is a good response.

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Raymond Lam Hides 'Asia-Pacific Popular Singer' Award in the Box

Raymond Lam attended to a celebration event yesterday for his "Come 2 Me Concert" album, announcing the album has sold 4,5000 copies in total (CD and DVD combined). EEG and TVB's high exectives also attended to the event to support. Viriginia Lok joked usually she will stay at home to take care of her son on Sundays, but she appeared today just to support Raymond.

Raymond expressed DVD sales are about 30,000 copies and CD sales are about 15,000 copies. He was asked whether he would get a girlfriend to reward himself, he said: "I don't even have time to buy gifts. I hope to take a break during Chinese New Year next year as a reward, so I can go visit my grandma." He expressed although his parents do not rush him to get married, but did arrange him some dates. He said: "My mom told me to try blind dates in private. But I think it's very weird. It's not the right time. I have to rely on myself. Plus my sister is getting married this year, so she can help me out in this."

Asked whether he is confident in winning Jade Solid Gold's "Asia-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer," Raymond hinted he is not good enough: "I'm more confident in IFPI! I always put my awards in the shelf. But I put the award of 'Asia-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer' in the box. I will bring it out once I think I've done a better job." It is rumored Leo Ku is exchanging the award "Best Male Singer" by singing the theme song of series "No Regrets," Raymond said: "I don't understand why there are these types of news every year." Asked as the biological son of TVB, whether the chance of winning awards is higher, he joked: "Everyone in TVB are biological children of the company."

As for whether he wants to win TV King, Raymond humbly expressed he never thought of winning this award: "There are many seniors that I look highly on, like Bobby Au-Yeung, because I worked with him before and I know he is a great actor."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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