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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gigi Lai Gives Birth to Twin Daughters!

Gigi Lai's pregnancy due date is in August, but she decided to pick a lucky day (today, July 24) to have a c-section. She successfully gave birth to twin daughters and they're all safe. Gigi went to Canossa Hospital in secret and husband Patrick Ma has been taking care her. After Gigi gave birth, Ma couldn't wait and went outside the hospital to announce this good news to the media. Around 9:20PM, Ma walked out with a smile and noticed the media, expressing Gigi just gave birth to twin daughters. Elder daughter weighs 6lbs-ish; younger daughter weighs 3lbs-ish. They haven't name them yet and call them by "jeh jeh" (older sister) and "mui mui" (younger sister). He also expressed Gigi is very happy now, but she is very tired. Many relatives and friends would come visit soon. Asked who do the twins resemble more? Ma expressed they resembled both of their parents, but it's more important that everyone is safe. Ma even invited media to have a meal and celebrate.

Just became a mother, Gigi texted friends on her own to share this joy. She expressed in English: "Our twins angel could not wait to say 'Hello' to you. Thanks God for delivering this precious gift for us, both are healthy and adorable. We just want to share our happiness to all of you."

Source: TVB Channel; Tungstar / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Leon Lai Implies TVB Copies Japanese Drama

Leon Lai attended to a RTHK radio drama event yesterday and shared his experiences of creation and reading with viewers. He displayed his role as "king of golden phrase," implying unconsciously that TVB copies Japanese drama. Leon praised RTHK is the most positive, not like other stations, copying Japanese drama but won't admit it. Then he stepped down on nowadays record albums just care about whether the cover is attractive. In the end, out of ten songs in the album, only one song is good; why not just download songs. Later Leon was asked whether many people are plagiarizing? He said: "It's just everyone keeps asking me, but reporters don't tell the truth, and magazines believe it would sell. But in fact it won't sell well gradually. If this atmosphere isn't fixed, soon there is nothing good to write." Telling people to download illegally? "No, talking about legal downloads. If you download illegally, you aren't in control anyways."

Talked about he would be one of the pallbearers for mentor Dai Si Chung? Leon said: "I would definitely attend to the funeral, but don't transform teacher's death as a news. I also told friends around me. If one day I left, just press a button, I don't want to bother friends. But this is only my thought, have to respect teacher." Whether there are too many troubling matters near him? "No, just feeling troublesome for you guys. Don't want to reply again, it would become news if I repeat."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Korean Actress Lee Young Ae is Four Months Pregnant

Korean actress Lee Young-ae’s agency has confirmed that the heroine of smash hit Korean TV series “Jewel in the Palace” is four months pregnant.

“It is true that she is pregnant and we were going to inform the press at an adequate time because this is when a pregnant woman is most cautious but it seems like the news has gone out through her father”, Lee Ju-yeol, chief of Lee’s agency Storm S Company told Asia Economic Daily over the phone on Friday.

A report in the August issue of monthly magazine Lady Kyunghyang had first broken the news, quoting the actress’s father who said the family recently found out about Lee’s pregnancy.

He had also explained that they do not know yet whether it is a boy or a girl but both sides of her family are happy over the news.

Lee Ju-yeol added that the actress plans to halt all activities and focus on prenatal care until she gives birth.

Actress Lee, 39, has yet to make an acting comeback since getting married last August but she had been shooting television commercials while studying for a doctoral degree in theater and cinema at Hanyang University.

Best known for her role in hit TV drama “Jewel in the Palace” (”Dae Jang Geum”), Lee took all of Asia by surprise last year when she married a 55-year-old Korean-American businessman in Hawaii.

Richie Ren Crowns 'Best Actor' in 14th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

Richie Ren won "Best Actor" with movie "Fire of Conscience" (火龍) in the 14th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. Richie was nominated along Leon Lai and took this award in the end. As for the past two years "Best Actor" in Puchon International Film Festival are taken by Hong Kong actors, including Ekin Cheng and Shawn Yue, who won "Best Actor" together with movie "Rule 1: There are no ghosts". Last year, Nick Cheung won this award with movie "The Beast Stalker." Richie expressed on Weibo, winning this award this time, must thank everyone's support.

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

'Pregnant Man' Due to Give Birth Any Day

The famous ‘pregnant man’ is going to be a father for the third time and is due to give birth to a new bundle of joy at any moment, an insider exclusively told RadarOnline.com on Friday.

Transgender male Thomas Beatie shocked the world in June 2008 when he became the first man to have a baby – and he is about to do it again.

“He’s full-term now and passed his due date,” said a source close to the family.

Beatie and his wife Nancy currently have two kids, daughter Susan, 2, and son Austin, 1, and the family is excited to expand their brood.

In his former life as a woman, Beatie was a beauty queen in Hawaii named Tracy. He had sexual reassignment surgery in 2002 but kept his female organs in the hope of one day becoming a parent.

That dream came true two years ago when he welcomed his daughter by natural childbirth.

The happy couple hasn’t found out the sex of the latest baby because they want to be surprised. “They have two different names prepared – one for a girl and one for a boy.”

With two young children already, “They have everything they need for the new addition,” said the source.

In preparation for the big day, “Nancy has been nesting and Thomas has been resting.”

Photobook Sales of 2010 Hong Kong Book Fair

(July 24)

Chrissie Chau "Chrissie Les Vacances d'Amour" - 25,000 copies

Angelababy "Paradise" - 20,000 copies

Yumi Wan "Yumi. form" - 20,000 copies

New 8 Models "Girls Look book Volume 2" - 14,800 copies

Carrie Lam "Carrie Me" - 10,000 copies

Carol Yeung "Huge" - 8,500 copies (July 22)

Donut "Summer Diary" - 9,000 copies

Renee Li "Renee" - 9,000 copies

DaDa Chan, Liz Lee, Ayu Wong "First Impression" - 7,000 Copies

Debby Tsang "Inside" - 9,000 copies

Christine Yeung Ding Ding "Fantasy" - 5,000 (July 22)

Jessica C. "Just Jessica" (no detail)

Theresa Fu "If You Were Me" & "about her" (no detail)


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