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Friday, February 19, 2010

02/19/2010 Daily E-News

Hong Kong
  • Michelle Yim will follow Wan Lo (Wan Chi-Keung)'s wish to have a low-key funeral
  • Lisa S. admits she's too old to be a model
  • Natalie Tong is back with Amigo Chui?
  • Candy Lo still doesn't want to get married even she's 35 

Super Junior Arrives In Taiwan, Chases By 1500 Fans

Source: UDN (selectively) / Translated by: KAY

Super Junior arrived in Taiwan yesterday afternoon for their two Super Show concerts in Taipei. Fifty security guards and time workers were there to guard them, but they still couldn't stop 1500 enthusiastic fans waiting in the entrance hall.

When SJ members appeared, fans crowded to them, hitting windows and climbing to the top area, trying to see SJ. It was an uncontrollable and crazy scene at the airport that afternoon.

It's also confirmed that only 10 SJ members will be performing. Han Geng, Kangin, and Kibum are missing from the show.

Natalie Tong Is Back With Amigo Chui?

Saturday, February 20, 2010 Hong Kong
Source: ON.CC (selectively)
Translated by: KAY@PA

Although Natalie Tong expressed numerous times she didn't contact Amigo Chui, but on Chinese New Year's Eve, an ON.CC reader saw the two shopping together in a mall. She went to shop men's clothes with him and gave comments to him often like a girlfriend. When reporters arrived at around 6PM, the two were gone already. However, it's reported they were in a hair salon of the mall. At around 8:30PM, reporters finally saw Natalie, who wore a scarf and glasses, walking out from the salon by herself. She kept checking to see if she is being followed and looking at text messages. Then she left in a rush and got on to a taxi. Amigo didn't appear, believing he already left through a different path.

Reporters contacted Natalie, asking whether she and Amigo were shopping together, she sounded shocked in the beginning, then said: "What?! Just went to have new haircut for New Year, appear with a new look. (Went to shop men's clothes?) What?! (Did you see Amigo Chui in the hair salon?) I did meet a friend..." When asked are they back together, she didn't deny nor admit, just said vaguely: "Don't ask this type of thing during New Year. I hope more people will pursue me in New Year. (Is Amigo pursuing you?) Hmm...give me some space!" No response from Amigo at the moment.

Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang Introduces His Fashion Brand 'MUA'

 Friday, February 19, 2010 Taiwan
Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY@PA
Graduated from an advertising design major, Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang (Da Dong) now has his own brand called "MUA". Its products are already available online at the 14th of February. Because Da Dong likes to sketch and draw in spare time, his company is planning to open an art gallery for him this year.

Da Dong loves to draw and design. He was a model and stylist before debuted as a singer. The newly launched T-Shirt features huge bright red lips. "MUA" is the onomatopoeia of kissing, symoblizing this brand will bring love to everyone.

FYI Website: http://385541.cnc-us1-g4.chinadns.net/


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