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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sammi Cheng: Thought of Reuniting, But It Never Happened!

Yesterday morning, Sammi Cheng posted an article on Weibo and Facebook called <<僅餘的一小片天空>>, disclosing her 20-years relationship with Andy Hui. Being blamed as the "third wheel," Sammi stressed again seriously: "Once again, from the beginning to the end, never get back to each other again (others say "reuniting"). Broke up 10 or 8 years, within these days, if you ask me, have I ever thought of reuniting with Andy, I would say frankly: 'I have.' Indeed, I have. But in the end did it happened? No, never."

Each other's "guardian"

Sammi said these years after they broke up, they stay in the position as friends and they are each other's 'guardian': "Is there love in it? Of course. I knew this person since I was 16. We've become each other's guardian....up to today, love becomes friendship, I cherish it very much."

As for outsiders said they got back to each other, Sammi frankly said it's not easy: "Been separated for this many years, we both experienced many things. Perhaps time changed us a lot, too. He and I aren't ourselves 20 years ago. If were to get back together, can't be done relying on that person in your memory...over these years, the times I met Andy are at most a little more than 10. Basically many of my habits and likes, even thoughts, have changed. I guess, what I like now, what he hates now, all have to re-confirm." She said outsiders over-dramatized their reconciliation.

As for Andy and Michelle broke up, as Andy's ex, Sammi said: "I have no right to speak. However, I can't avoid being the person to blame. If you ask me, do I feel bad? Of course, but can I stay out of it and play an outsider? I know I cannot. I can only let this thing fades away slowly."

New romance under the shadow

Sammi didn't avoid bring up Michelle and she spoke good things for her: "We only met once...don't know each other well. But based on impression, she has a lively and optimistic personality. Because my relationship with Andy is permeated through the people, making her relationship with Andy is under my shadow. If I were her, I would feel bad."

Sammi stressed four times in the roll that they didn't reunite, and said: "Never reunite, never get married. Separated this many years. From friends back to a couple again, it's not that easy like outsiders think...Andy's broke-up, Sammi Cheng seems responsible under the newspaper reports. Never reunited, I feel I can't breathe."

Sammi even used the song "Don't Disturb Love": "Some relationships, I really cannot disturb, and don't dared to. Even if I live alone, I might feel lonely once in a while, but got used to loneliness. I won't step into some situations just because I'm lonely." She even put down her status as the 'queen' and begged: "Is it okay? Is it okay to let me go temporarily? Let go of Andy, let go of Michelle?"

Sammi stressed her and Andy's personalities changed since they broke up; it would be hard to get back together. But in the end Sammi p.s.: "P.S. God, but please don't let me wait too long, okay?" She disclosed her desire to be in love. She let Jesus to arrange for everything.

Andy Hui: good article

As for Sammi's thousand-words article, Andy said in an interview: "I know the content from friends. I know it's what she wants to express. It's good writing. Based on the Sammi I know, she wrote this piece with true feelings. Already not happy blamed by magazines, won't reply to everything else."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Bernice Liu Kisses Kevin Cheng, Feels Like A Fruit Basket

Bernice Liu and Kevin Cheng filmed a kissing scene lately from new series "Home Troopers." The plot was about Kevin expressed his love to Bernice and kissed her first; in the end they started to kiss passionately.

This time was their first time kissing each other. Because she had to adjust the angle, Bernice kissed four times, but she said she didn't feel embarrassed: "I don't know about him. (Any feelings?) Treat him like my senior, haha! He is a lot older, don't know what type of girls he likes. (Kissable?) It was ok! But there is only one kissing scene in this series, not like my last time with Kenneth Ma." Before they kiss, Bernice prepared lemon flavored chewing gum. But he already prepared his own strawberry flavored: "In the end when we kissed, these two flavors mixed together, like a fruit basket."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jessica and Bobby Love and Hate Each Other

Successful at both career and love, Jessica Hsuan already told herself don't work during the summer and has to enjoy her summer vacation. But she made exceptions to Bobby Au-Yeung and Sunny Chan. Jessica admitted Bobby is her perfect partner: "It's hard filming. Ratings are uncontrollable. But we can control who we work with. It's most important that the filming is happy. Bobby is a happy person. I'm already happy looking at him, just like a garfield cat."

However, Jessica, who is always on time, still has complaints to Bobby, who would be late sometimes. Bobby said: "She would arrive at 2:58 when we said to meet at 3 o'clock! Because she has no where else to go! But now it's different. She is dating. One time I invited her to watch 'The Beast Stalker.' I specially arrived early and I saw her making a call to me when she arrived. I told her I was right behind her and scared her."

Jessica seems have more tolerance to Bobby and she thinks it's not ridiculous to be late for half hour; it's forgivable: "Men take less time to settle make-up than we do. It's okay for them to come a little late." But Bobby continued to "complain": "She is just like my wife, always hurrying me up, say they let others wait for us." Jessica fought back: "I'm just being on time. (Still on time knowing your partner would be late?) I can communicate with those who I know well. He doesn't dared to be late again, I would nag. (What if he or she isn't someone you know well?) If late, usually directors would speak up. Still have to hold it even if it's bad, then don't work again next time." As for Bobby's other bad point is not being serious. Fortunately everyone got along happily.

In fact "A Pillowcase of Mystery II" is Bobby's hardest series to film. It was hot everyday during filming and he didn't get enough sleep. He still need to film even when he almost got a heat stroke from filming outdoor scenes. Bobby said: "I once went to shower without taking off my head cap. I was annoyed, thank god Jessica and Joel Chan understood. They comforted me, telling me to take it easy. So it would be bad if partners don't get along!" But not everyone can be accustom others like Jessica, even Bobby was once 'yelled' by one actor: "I said I want to go to drink some water first, because didn't know how long it would take to film. He/she said this hard? Of course you would get worse at saying your scripts!"

What is something Bobby appreciates from Jessica? Bobby joked: "Good body figure! Pretty look! Her body is hidden under clothes. She has a good heart, always keeping stray cats and homeless people, haha!" Jessica protested: "Many men said their partners don't have to have a great figure." What is something Bobby can't take? Bobby changed his tone, pretending to be Jessica: "Where are you? Haven't see the person yet and already call you to ask your location. I'm so scared!"

Although Jessica and foreigner boyfriend Ruan didn't date more than a year, but they have a stable relationship and see each other as marriage partners; but they're not in rush in getting married: "Just dated several months, can judge slowly, no need to be restrained by age."

Bobby and wife Fu Kit Han is a sweet couple, any inspiration to Jessica? She said: "Hahaha...can have more freedom without having kids! They are compatible with each other and very sweet. They like to eat around, enjoy life. As long as they make decisions together, it can't go wrong."

Although Bobby always "fight back," but Jessica never got mad at him. Like ten years ago when they filmed "A Recipe For the Heart," Bobby had to wake her up by spitting water to her face, but in the end he and John Tang threw a bucket of water to her. Jessica said: "My underwear was wet! But I just knew to laugh, then fixed my make-up and continued to film." Bobby expressed he can't be this presumptuous to other fa-dans: "Others...just know can't do it by looking at their faces. I saw Jessica has the potential to be played when we filmed 'File of Justice' before."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com 

Jolin Tsai Reveal Even More of Herself in 'Love's Pupil' MV

It’s been only a week since “Honey Trap” was released, but Jolin Tsai already has a new music video in the works. She will promote “Love’s Pupil (玩愛之徒)” as the next single from her album Myself, which is set for release on August 10th. Although Jolin is famous for her body, it is probably the first time she has shown this much of it. The new video features her in a bathtub, as well as a very revealing body suit that is sure to make everyone envy!

The song "Love's Pupil" is about men who cheat, while its music video will depict a man revolving between two women. The character played by Jolin was left heat broken, but instead of hiding herself somewhere to cry, she recovered by dancing her pain away. In addition to dance therapy, she also soaked herself in a bathtub to release her emotions. Jolin was reluctant at first to film the bathing scene after a difficult photo shoot in a pool for her album, but luckily her staff was able to convinced her in the end.

“Love’s Pupil” was initially rejected by Jolin's record company in fear that her fans might not accept its style. She insisted on including the song on her album and it went on to be selected as the second single. She said, “Actually, I’ve been wanting to do a different kind of love song, not a ballad anymore, but rather a slow-temple song with a rhythm. I thought about it for many years, so I was excited after hearing the demo for this song. It’s a good thing that my company supports me, so (I) got to try out a new style of music.”

Source: Mingpaonews, Nownews, UDN / Translation: PA @ cpopaccess

HotCha Releases Photobook, No One Knows About It

HotCha attended to a radio interview yesterday. Asked whether they pay attention to Cookies "bits" members' concert, the three seemed excited. Regen even said back in the day she paid attention to Stephy, Theresa, and Elaine the most. Winkie then joked Regen is like those men who like to pay attention to girls. She also exposed Regen just bought Jessica C.'s photobook and she made sounds while reading it in the car. Regen said embarrassingly: "Because I think Jessica C's eyes are very pretty, maybe mine are small." Asked when would HotCha release their photo book? They said: "We released three photobooks the past three years, but no one seems to know about it. We didn't release one and they would ask us when would we release it. Let's wait until everyone buy the previous three then we would release another one."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com 


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