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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"First Time"--Fan Zhi Wei Judges Cyndi Wang Isn't A Virgin

In today's China Times Magazine, Fan Zhi Wei talked about his first time (sex) with Cyndi Wang. He said: "I thought she was 17, and her first time was given to me, but it wasn't the case, in fact I was a little disappointed." That means, Cyndi isn't a virgin when she was 17-years-old. Yesterday, Fan's manager stressed immediately: "That's not what he meant. He never have intention to hurt Miss Wang, hope you guys won't report on it."

Reporters asked Fan: "You were 19 and she was 17, did you guys give the beautiful first time to each other?" Fan said: "I had two relationships before dating her, of course that wasn't my first time. I thought she was 17 and her first time was given to me, but it wasn't the case. In fact I was a little disappointed, because she was only 17, even I felt it's a little unbelievable."

As for the fact "Cyndi Wang's first time wasn't given to him," reporters asked Fan how did he found out? He said:"Before we started dating, she had a boyfriend, and he's my classmate in Hua Kang Art School." He explained Cyndi and he fell in love while filming "車正在追" and in the 4th month of their relationship, he found out his classmate (aka Cyndi's ex) tried to commit suicide for love. Cyndi then knew that boy was Fan's classmate. Fan went to night school so he didn't know the boy dated Cyndi during day school.

Fan said, after knowing the boy was trying to commit suicide, he wanted Cyndi to solve the problem immediately, either continue to date him or break up with him. Cyndi spent 2 months to solve the case.

As for he's disappointed in Cyndi's first time, Fan said it's hard not to have expectation in love when you were young, hoping your partner is perfect. But the disappointment faded and he felt that wasn't important. But the statement "it wasn't Cyndi Wang's first time at 17" is judged from the fact Cyndi had a boyfriend before him; Cyndi didn't tell Fan anything.

When Cyndi knew about what Fan told to the magazine, she cried sadly and felt very wronged and helpless. Her manager Miss Chang let her take a break for several days to calm her mood. Chang said with anger: "No need to comment on someone who doesn't know how to respect female." She then said: "It seems his memories with Cyndi is his only value of existence to the media. Please consider changing your career, don't bother us again."

Source: China Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  

Joey Yung Is On Stand By To Go To Disaster Area

Joey Yung went to record episodes of "Jade Solid Gold." Talked about the disaster in Qinghai Province, she disclosed she personally donated 100,000HKD. Asked did she tell fans to donate as well? She said: "I don't know if my fans donated or not, but these several years I already told everyone don't give me presents but donate money to do good deeds." She didn't receive notification to visit the area, but if time permits, she would definitely go there to support. Joey said: "I never been to highlands, but I think my body can handle it." Joey expressed she will return to HK from Beijing in the 26th; she's prepared to perform for the relief.

Twins Might Miss Relief Activities

Twins got sick after finishing their 2010 concert. Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) has a hoarse voice; Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) has many pimples on her face. Asked will that affect their attendance to relief activities? Ah Sa said: "I have to film in a desert region for several weeks, but I'll try to talk to the production unit. But my voice now isn't suitable to sing. If I really can't sing, I'll record clips to support." Ah Gill expressed she has work and doesn't known about arrangement of that day.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

'Rosy Business' Is #1 In TV Programme Appreciation Index Survey 2009

Results of TV Programme Appreciation Index Survey (TVAI) 2009 was announced yesterday. TVB's "Rosy Business" received an average AI of 80.83 and topped the chart as #1. It's also the only TV series within the top ten. Other programmes are news and variety shows. TVB has 3 other programmes listed in the top ten besides "RB": "Tuesday/Sunday File," "News Magazine," and "Being." The rest are all RTHK programmes.

The AI report listed a total of 201 shows that aired last year. ATV has 5 programmes in the bottom 10 and TVB has 2, which are Miss Hong Kong 2009 (200th place) and "A Bride For A Ride" (198th place). Cable TV also has 3 programs in the bottom 10.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

A-Mei Says Herself: We Broke Up Last Year

Source: UDN/NowNews
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
 A-Mei's relationship with He Shou Zheng really is over! Yesterday A-Mei was in the airport, ready to take the flight to Kuala Lumpur. She accepted interviews from reporters. When asked is Zheng-Mei romance is really over, she admitted calmly: "Last year around December, we already agreed to separate for while."

A-Mei made her first public appearance in the airport yesterday. She lightly explained the reason of their split: "Shou Zheng and I, agreed in around last December, that maybe we should separate for a while. In fact there are many things and problems that we must deal with. Now we're still good friends, will talk on the phone."

A-Mei admitted that the reason she didn't disclose details was she's always low-key in handling her own relationship: "This time I felt my family and Shou Zheng's family got involved, which isn't that good. So I took this opportunity today to explain to everyone."


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