Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stephy Tang denies bullying Theresa Fu

Stephy Tang accepted an interview with ontv's "Entertainment on Show" lately and disclosed she only sees Theresa as an old colleague, not a friend.

It's said Stephy and Theresa don't get along with each other ever since Cookies separated. Stephy cleared up in the interview, saying she only cares about her job and won't care what others say. She said she never bully Theresa, "I don't know how to bully people. This is how the public thinks of me, I can't do anything, it's hard to switch back from a 'evil character', but I will face it optimistically." Stephy expressed she was good friends with Theresa, but they separated due to personality differences. Asked how would she call Theresa now, she expressed "old colleague" only. It seems the two will never be friends again, but Stephy said she won't mind taking pictures with Theresa in events.

[The Sun]


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