Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fiona Sit exposed private area to thousands of people

(叱咤叱叱咤幻想正發作音樂會) was held 2 nights ago in (假九展), supported by thousands of people. Performing artistes included Fiona Sit, William Chan, and G.E.M. Fiona, last to appeared, was liberated from her usual girl-next-door image. She appeared wearing tank top and long pants, showing off slim waist. Then constantly twisting the waist while singing new song "微笑殺人事". She also unintentionally touched her chest at the same time. Because the moves were very bold and appealing, the audience was all shocked.

At the second half of the concert, Fiona continued to be bold, changed into a mini denim skirt, showing off long legs. Because her moves were too exaggerated, Fiona's private area was exposed unfortunately, revealing her black t-back and private area to the public. Even the hollowing area on the inner thighs were clearly visible. Her poor girl-next-door image has been destroyed. Fortunately, Fiona spared no effort in cleaning, or else it might become even more indecent.

As Fiona still unknown of her accidental exposure after the show, reporter phoned the publicist of her record company, hoping will pass a word to Fiona. Later she replied through record company, defending her "yuk lui" image, "Aiya! That's not an underwear, I just shortened the safety leggings. I can't believe this rises to misunderstanding again. Just be careful next time." However, Fiona's reply is hardly convincing.

Fiona accepted an interview after the show that night, and explained her self-touch behavior, "Just touch my body with my hands, the skin is mine. Touching myself is fine, I'm not really touching that area anyway (chest)." Fiona also stressed that she didn't set off the song with sexy clothing because she doesn't want people to focus on her chest as a selling point. She said, "I think that's 'ying' (cool). It won't be the same thing if I wear a second pair of hot pants out. Don't want to be too over."

[on.cc/translated by K@PA]


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