Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ella Koon puts bare-faced photos online, no plastic surgery done

Ella Koon attended to a beauty award ceremony and awarded with "Fashionable Make-up Award". She said she's happy to receive this award and joked her face is 20 times bigger than normal people's, that's why she has to use lots of make-up. She said she always receive new products from sponsor, but she still likes to buy on her own, spending about 6-figure every year. It was said she had plastic surgery before, asked whether she got prettier with make-up, she said, "Yeah! I put photos before I entered the entertainment business and photos when I was little. They are not for avoiding suspicions, just that I don't put on make-up all the time." (Has boyfriend ever see her bare-face?) "Yeah."

Elanne Kong exposed arguing with Ron Ng

Elanne Kong received "Most Charming Eyes Award", but she said she doesn't know how to charm people with her eyes. Asked has any actor charmed by her eyes? She said they found out her real personality (boyish) after working together; so she hasn't charmed anyone, but once had numerous arguments with an actor when they worked together. When asked who the actor is, she told reporters to guess and they asked whether it is Ron Ng, she said, "Don't talk about it anymore!" She pointed out they become good brothers. (Will become a couple?) "It's good enough that we are not arguing. Sigh...Even if it's him [Ron Ng], don't say that I caused disputes!"

Kary Ng shows off legs, not chest

Kary Ng was awarded with "Prettiest Slender Legs Award" and expressed that's the first time to receive an award based on looks, not music. Asked whether she's satisfied with her long legs, she said she's more confident in singing. Kary said it's important for girls to be confident, will feel more satisfied when praised by others. She said she will show off her legs from now on, not brave enough to show off chest at the moment.



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