Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anniversary Awards Ceremony to Praise Chan Hung Lit

Chan Hung Lit had been in the industry for more than 40 years. It was informed that TVB will include a section to praise Chan's contributions in next month's "Anniversary Awards Ceremony". "Thank you everyone who supports Lit Gor. TVB will consider carefully and make proper arrangements."

"Dai Yim Shan" will leave due to heart attack

"Off Pedder" will broadcast its final episode in January 2010. "Dai Yim Shan" is supposed to go to prison for his daughter, Florence Kwok; but he will come back after serving his sentence. However, because of Chan's sudden death, "Off Pedder" producer announced the following after an urgent meeting, "Lit Gor already filmed about 10 episodes for his part. Including other episodes, it can broadcast safely for another month. TVB decided to make 'Dai Yim Shan' to pass away due to heart attack. It will be explained by others in their scripts." (Is it too cruel to let actors to experience Chan's death once again?) "I believe TVB actors are all professional. It's tough for screen writers to write this scene. It's tough for everyone. But this arrangement won't affect much as a whole."

Chan's wife, his children, and sister appeared in the hospital around 2:30pm. They didn't answer any questions from the reporters. Chan's sister said, "Won't answer anything. Please leave us alone after you're done taking pictures."

[The Sun]


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