Friday, December 18, 2009

Kate Tsui hopes to win music awards

Kate Tsui attended to a opening ceremony for COACH yesterday. The brand will sponsor her handbags and Kate said she hopes they will sponsor her clothes for the music awards ceremonies as well.

Kate expressed although she just made her debut in the music industry, she already spent a lot in clothes, as much as 6 figures. Her mother finally told her to stop; should save more money to buy properties. It's said her single, "HIT ME", made into "JSG's Seasonal 09", Kate said nervously, "Really? Is it confirmed? I'm happy if it's real because it's my first time." Said the chances of winning for singers in the four major music companies might be affected due to the royalty conflict, Kate said, "I heard they won't be affected." She said she doesn't want the royalty conflict to affect the music industry, hope it will resolve soon. Kate likes Eason Chan, too, so she hopes he will get the award he deserved. As whether she is likely to win, since she's the biological daughter of TVB, Kate said it depends on whether the artiste is hardworking or not.



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