Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ah Sa Becomes Netizens' Ideal Lover

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) became male and female netizens' ideal lover. A workaholic, she said she isn't a perfect lover and she even exposed she was complained by her boyfriend. G.E.M. and Angelababy are runner-ups in this contest.

Ah Sa is voted as the ideal female lover by male and female netizens. This result by Yahoo HK made her very happy. She joked she won because she is harmless, "Females picked me, because I'm not a threat. Males picked me because their girlfriends won't complain!" However, she felt the reason why she won is because of her smile.

Complained by Boyfriend Once

She said she isn't a perfect lover, "I'm a workaholic, and I enjoy being with friends and family. I put 'love' to the very end. (Did boyfriend complain?) Yeah!" Feeling happy and satisfied with love, she announced her ideal conditions of boyfriend, "Hardworking, shows filial obedience, talented, and has inner beauty. Appearance isn't important, of course he shouldn't look that bad! Most importantly, neat and clean." These conditions seem to fit rumored boyfriend, Ronald Cheng.

Raymond Lam and Moses Chan Are in The Top Three

G.E.M. and Angelababy are both runner-ups after Ah Sa. Second runner-ups are Chrissie Chau and Ariel Lin. G.E.M. admitted she has lots of "peach blossoms" lately, "That many male picked me, means my rumor with Tat Dik isn't true. (Your winning point?) Small framed." Angelababy said she's a failed lover, "If we don't have to see each other everyday, then I'm a good lover."

Raymond Lam and Moses Chan are happy making into the ideal male lover top three. Asked the two to pick their ideal lovers from Ah Sa, etc, Raymond picked G.E.M., but he won't ignore Ah Sa, since they're colleagues. Moses praised that they're sweet and cute, and he said his confident smile and kind attitude attract women the most.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 


She deserves this title. Ah Sa是少數娛樂圈的good person. Throughout these 9yrs of TWINS, I don't recall any negative news on her. She's talented and nice. I always like her better than Ah Gill. I know she'll be HK showbiz's tomorrow ever since TWINS.

阿 Sa獲男女網民票選為最理想女性情人冠軍,雅虎香港的調查結果令身在北京的她喜出望外,笑言因沒有殺傷力而勝出:「女仔選我,因為我冇威脅,男仔揀我係因為女朋友唔會詐型!」但她覺得致勝原因是笑容,問到對拍檔鍾欣桐(阿嬌)有情義會否加分,她說:「做朋友梗係咁㗎啦!」






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