Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bowie Lam Lost His Memory For 1 Hour

Bowie Lam is currently filming for upcoming series "Every Move You Make." When he was filming an action scenes, he accidentally hit his head; fortunately the injury wasn't bad. Yesterday around 4AM, he updated his status on Sina Miniblog (微博) saying a little incident happened, causing injuries to his head and lost his memory for 1 hour. He went to hospital to have a brain scan soon after; everything is good. He even said casually, "In the end I got smarter, continue to work as usual!"

The series' producer said he still needs to know more about Bowie's injury. He heard from the crew that Bowie had to fall back for a scene. Supposedly someone was there to hold him from the back, but maybe there's some misunderstanding in communication, when he fell, no one hold him and his head hit the ground. He felt a little dizzy and worried about blood clog. The crew sent him to the hospital for some check-up. Report didn't say anything was wrong and he can leave. He continued to work yesterday.

Sharon Chan, Macy Chan, and Bosco Wong commented on Bowie's page. Macy said: "Aiya! Take care! Fortunately it's ok! Increased 200% humor!" Sharon said: "You okay? Take care Bowie! You're already very smart!" Bosco said: "Not smarter, even more humorous, hope you're alright."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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