Friday, April 30, 2010

Donnie Yen: Going Home Is More Important Than Box Office

Donnie Yen's character from "Yip Man" is now available in a wax figure in HK Madame Tssauds wax museum. Yesterday he attended to the opening ceremony. Wife Cecilia Wang came to support with her parents, sister, and cousin. Donnie felt the eyes resembled the best.

Donnie's "Yip Man 2" has a box office of 3,720,000HKD (opening day) and is so far his best selling film in one day. He is very satisfied with the box office. First installment has box office around one million in its opening day, this time is the triple.

He said since it has a good box office, he will definitely invite others to dinner. He also hope it will exceed 40 million and boss Raymond Wong will pay everyone a trip to Japan. He stressed earlier that he won't film a 3rd installment, now the sequel has a good outcome, will he reconsider? He expressed he won't because there's not much new elements he can add to the character. Also too many people portray the same character, like "Wong Fei Hung" before, which turned out pretty bad in the end. He won't be like other people. Foreign film "Iron Man 2" will open today and asked is he confident in beating "IM2?" Donnie said it's hard to say, "YM2" has good word-of-mouth, Mainland viewers said it surpassed the first one. He said: "Decide who will win or go home, which one is more important? Of course I'll pick the latter one."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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