Friday, April 23, 2010

Eric Suen Finally Admits Dating Macy Chan

Source: The Sun
Translated by:

Eric Suen attended to a golf press conference yesterday. Because lately he and Macy Chan were caught partying and kissing in Taiwan, when Eric appeared, he was surrounded by reporters immediately. He expressed shyly that he attended to a friend's wedding in Taiwan and just returned to Hong Kong. He said: "These years I didn't purposely hide any relationship. Anyways, whatever was photographed is what it is. We both knew we were being photographed, because there was always one person appearing around me, I almost wanted to go ask whether he's a reporter or not. (Propose in Taiwan?) No. (Are you guys dating?) Currently developing our relationship. (But it has been several years!) No, it was a year ago, started when I was sick. She always came to visit me during that period." He joked his friends are all getting married one by one, but as for his marriage, he will wait for God's arrangement.


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