Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taiwanese Model Chiling Lin Sacrifices Her Looks In New Movie


As Taiwan's number one top model, Chiling Lin made a big sacrifice for new film 決戰剎馬鎮. In one of the photos released by the film company, she appears as a short hair tomboy girl holding a chef knife in her right hand. Many netizens mistaken her as the combination of Wu Zun and Vic Chou.

Mainland actor Sun Hong Lei once expressed that he won't work with "hua ping" (pretty actress who are known just because of her looks). Working with Chiling this time made him embarrassed in front of the media. During filming, she took the initiative and asked Sun to practice scripts with her. Talked about his scenes with her, Sun was shocked that she finished a 11-minute scene consists of acting unreasonably and flirting in one shot. He said: "I really think she can become a stage performer!"

**Personally KAY think ^she looks more like Figaro Ceng (Taiwanese actor)**
Figaro Ceng

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  


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