Sunday, May 2, 2010

43-Year-Old Elvina Kong In Bikini, Young Men Thought She's A Lang-Mo

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY

Lately Elvina Kong has been showing up in sexy outfits. Earlier she was filming a commercial in bikini and a t-back mini skirt. Although the weather was sometimes warm, sometimes cold , but she still worked hard to show off her 33C, 24, 34 body. She disclosed she is now the spokesperson of a beauty company.

During filming, Elvina's hot body attracted 3 foreign young men and they mistaken her as a new lang-mo (yong models). They approached to her and chat, even invited her to party in Lan Kwai Fong. When she revealed her actual age is 43-years-old, these 3 men couldn't believe that she is actually 20 years older than them. Elvina didn't mind revealing her actual age: "Doesn't matter if I announce I'm 43, what kind of generation is it now?  Age is a number you account to the government. When I go to casinos abroad, they always thought I'm not old enough and refused to let me in!"

Asked about her secret of maintaining youth? She said: "Most importantly, be happy all the time, then you can keep your youth from inside to outside. So Man Fung said I'm in better condition than before I was 30, I thought so too!"

Elvina disclosed some funny things during filming: "The plot required several male models to whistle, the birds on the trees thought other birds are sending courtship messages, and they whistle along with the models! It was funny!"


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