Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ekin Cheng's Marriage Date Is Depends On Jordan Chan

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan  played in many gang films and that affected some of their work. Ekin and Jordan accepted interviews by Cable TV. Ekin said after he filmed "Young and Dangerous," no government branch ask him to be their ambassador. Jordan got mad: "Don't really understand why they're this shallow and stupid. We are just actors, trying to play our characters well, so that means I'm a bad person when I play a gang member, good person when I play a lawyer!"

Ekin exposed he already predicted Jordan's girlfriend would have an upper hand over him. Jordan doesn't talk about his girlfriend in general, but he actually introduced  to Ekin that Cherrie Ying is his girlfriend. But when asked whether he wants to get married too? Ekin said wait one more year to see would Jordan "get in trouble" then he will decide!

In new film "飛砂風中轉," Jordan planned to burn a bank, but instead he missed and burnt a staff played by Stephen Au. In the film, he demanded to wear a mask but the police only gave him a plastic bag. Jordan said although the team already poked little holes on the bag, but it was still hot and hard to bear.


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