Monday, May 17, 2010

Husband Hugs Girl In Pub, Xiao S: "Not A Big Deal"

Source: NowNews
Translated by: KAY

Xiao S (Dee Hsu)'s domestic violence rumors just ended and lately media caught her husband Hsu Ya Chun getting close with girls in the pub. Yesterday Xiao S attended to the press conference of Golden Melody Awards and replied to this incident the first time. She still supports her husband: "To me, going to pubs is really not a big deal."

She expressed before they got married, they already agreed they can still have their own social life after getting married. Her husband already told her that day that he's going to the pub, but she herself lost interest in pub activities, so that's why she didn't attend to the anniversary celebration event that night.

As for her marriage is not optimistic in others' eyes, she seemed helpless in the press conference. She said although she doesn't mind husband going to pub, but admitted once told him don't go too much. But she explained she is not interfering husband's life: "It's just that he's getting older, based on health considerations, hope he can drink less alcohol."

In addition, she also replied for the photo reporters took: "Music is very loud in that type of environment, you must get close in order to talk, so it's okay."

Reporters contacted Hsu and he helplessly expressed that he knew everyone was looking at him, how could he have intimate interactions in that occasion? He said that girl with a ponytail is just the friend of a friend.


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