Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung Support New Series Didn't Plagiarize

TVB new series "Mysteries of Love" is criticized by netizens for copying Japanese drama "Galileo." But "Mysteries of Love"s rating wasn't affected and its first episode had average ratings of 32 points. Yesterday the series held a celebration event. Raymond Lam and Tavia stressed they didn't copy anything. Raymond supported the plot is original. Tavia believed romance lines are richer than the original.

Raymond said: "Drama genres are always those few. Our plot is original. Before filming, people already said we copied, most importantly, every character has a different way of portraying, viewers like it." Watched the Japanese original version? "No, won't watch original or edited versions in general, otherwise the acting will have others' shadow. We have to create our own, including 'A Step Into The Past' earlier, now producers don't encourage us to watch, because the story is different."

Tavia said when they started filming people already said they copied. Although she never watch the Japanese version, but she doesn't feel anything was copied, plus the romance lines between the leads in "Mysteries of Love" are richer. Afraid being boycott by netizens? She said: "No, people already said it's similar on the first day."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

1 comments: names and cases? it's obvious that they took the idea and twisted it into their own, CLAIM IT'S episode 3 Raymond apologizes to Tavia for saying things that upset her, just like Manabu did in Episode 1 of Galileo, where he apologized to Kaoru for his "joke," and also Raymond and Manabu solve cases that interest them, THAT'S ORIGINAL?!

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