Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cecilia Cheung on a 6-hrs Car Ride Just to See Nicholas Tse

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Cecilia Cheung misses her husband Nicholas Tse a lot. She let relatives to take of her two sons. Originally she planned to directly attend to the Shanghai film festival opening ceremony as guest, but she changed her route, taking the car for 6 hours from Hangzhou to Hengdian World Studios to meet Nicholas, then the same night went to Shanghai to prepare for the film festival opening ceremony.

Cecilia secretly meeting husband and they shared their picture in high-profile. Yesterday Nicholas' assistant "cousin" (biu gor) uploaded the couple's picture, taken on the set of <<財神客棧>>, on Weibo. Nicholas was still wearing his clothes for filming, and put his arm on his wife's shoulder. After giving birth to two sons, Cecilia has returned to her pure look when she first made debut to the industry. "Cousin" said: "Today someone took a 6-hour car ride back and forth to the set, for what? Just to see her husband! Really sweet! Others don't envy!"

This time Cecilia went to Hengdian World Studios to meet Nicholas, it's a short meet up because Nicholas was filming and she didn't dare to bother. During her wait, she passed time playing Chinese checkers with the crew.

During an event for <<財神客棧>> yesterday, Nicholas didn't want to disclose his wife came to meet him. Reporters asked him, whether Quintus hold a one month celebration? He said wife takes care of this kind of thing, he can't step in.

Asked did he decide a Chinese name for Quintus? He said not yet. This is his third time working with Nick Cheung, first "The Beast Stalker" then "The Informers", now they're filming a comedy, so they're in a more relaxed mood. When the two met, they even talked about their children and shared their gaming experiences.


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