Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Quickly Lost 30lbs, to Resume Working At the End of the Month

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

During pregnancy, Cecilia Cheung's weight increased to 170lbs, so she never wanted to be on camera. Yesterday, reporters spotted Cecilia and son Lucas in a restaurant. Cecilia's chin is sharper and seemed to have lost lots of weight in just several weeks.

Lucas was wearing t-shirt, green pants, and a pair of sneakers. Although they're accompanied by a maid, but Cecilia still took care of her son, from eating to holding him in her arms. When reporteres went up to take pictures, Cecilia's driver was worried, but Cecilia generously let reporters to take pictures. Asked about her losing weight? She said: "None, it's easy to lose weight now taking care of two kids, plus I eat lightly! (Good complexion?) I drink mother and father-in-laws' soup!"

Already lost weight and her maternity clothes don't fit anymore, so Cecilia went shopping with Lucas yesterday. It's known that she already lost 30+ pounds in not even a month. She will also resume working on the 28th, attending to a press conference of a bed product she endorsed in Shanghai. As for Cecilia lost her weight very quickly, doctor Lo Chi Lim expressed the speed is normal: "Amniotic fluid and the baby etc caused weight gain, after giving birth, of course you'll be lighter. If breastfeed, you would use more calories, losing weight even faster!" In addition, advertising agencies have been wanting to ask Cecilia and Lucas to film commercial, now even second son Quintus is very welcomed by these agencies. Lately, a baby product brand in Mainland invited Quintus to film their commercial with a 8-digit pay.


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