Friday, June 11, 2010

Elanne Kong Can't Stand Boyfriend Has Better Skin Than Her

Source: Mingpao, The Sun (picture)
Translated by: KAY

Elanne Kong and Marie Zhuge attended to a World Cup event in a football apparel yesterday. Elanne said she doesn't care about football skills when watching football, only looking at handsome guys, she likes Brazil's Kaka the most: "I'm very shallow when watching football, only look at the head, not only he's handsome, Kaka is a good guy, too." Lately she has rumors with Sammul Chan. Someone exposed they share the same shirt to wear. Elanne said the person who exposed the rumor can be a screen writer: "This news is boring, how can a guy wear a girl's shirt?" She said they're just good friends and would talk about personal things with each other. Whether Sammul is the type of guys she would like? She said: "He's very handsome, but handsome guys don't give a sense of security, also I can't accept my boyfriend has better skin than me, he [Sammul] has very good skin!"

Marie expressed because boyfriend is away for work, so they enjoy the World Cup matches seperately: "I like Spain's Fernando Torres the most, he's stylish and muscular, also good at football!" Talked about she is signing a music contract with Japanese Universal, she said she is still waiting for the company to arrange the date of signing the contract: "Now I want to find a teacher who can teach me Japanese all day long, I'm OK with normal conversation right now." She expressed she hopes to go for a cute and sexy route for her album, but thinks her body isn't good enough, so she rejects bikini.


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