Sunday, June 6, 2010

Elanne Kong Films MV With Difficult Moves

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Elanne Kong was filming MV for new song "BaBaYa." There are many difficult moves in the dance that she got bruises on both of her legs. She said her legs are now like man's legs and joked that in the next several months she would try to avoid wearing short skirt and pants. She expressed dancing fast dance is to challenge her limit. There are many difficult moves and hope surprise everyone.

Been practicing for more than 10 days, Elanne said she already paid more insurance premium, she said: "My mom leveled up my insurance premium, from several hundred dollars to thousands." She said dancers are also hardworking. She once stepped on a male dancer's stomach and caused pain to him. She said: "It was scary that time, if I hurt someone, I don't know what to do, dancers should also be insured." She kept taking deep breaths after she danced, whether she is able to perform live? Elanne explained: "No problem, taking deep breaths is because I've been dancing for more than 2 hours, now I'm all sweaty." Talked about her movie trip to Thailand? She expressed she planned on going on July, she is looking for this upcoming film because she is working with Lau Chin Wan.


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