Monday, June 7, 2010

Miss Hong Kong 2010 Fifteen Semifinalists Are Revealed

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Left to right: (10) Elle (15) Suyen (2) Krystal (3) Queelie (1) Alice (4) Janice (5) Toby (6) Janice (7) Lise (8) Sammi (9) Krizia (11) Phoebe (12) Kitty (13) Connie (14) Ria

2010 Miss Hong Kong Pageant's 15 semifinalists showed up together in TV city yesterday, meeting the crew. Besides their assigned numbers were picked, every semifinalist was arranged to take their body measurements and fitting. They will then go to the salon to set their hair and meet the media on Thursday. Then on Monday, they'll go to India to film outdoor scenery.

This year's contestants range from 20 to 27 years old. Three oversea contestants made into the semifinal, who are from Vancouver and England,  showed up the first time but there isn't any surprise. As for local contestants, Jimmy Hung's ex-girlfriend Lillian Leung, arrogant Barbie, Elva Hsiao look-a-like, JuJu Chan, and rich girl Debbi etc are all out from the competition. Jacqueline Chong's sister Lise Chong Sze Ming, Kenix Kwok look-a-like Krizia, Tang Wei look-a-like Elle Lee, and Jelly Girls member Suyen Cheung etc successfully made into the semifinal.

Every year there are many rumors during the pageant. Tang Wei look-a-like Elle is said to be secretly appointed as first place winner already. TVB specially accommodated her so they delayed the training? TVB's assistant director of external affair Tseng Sing Ming stressed it's definitely impossible. Besides won't accommodate oversea contestants, dates were already decided in meetings earlier the year. He also expressed first place is determined by judges, but the list of judges is not confirmed, how can it be appointed secretly?

Same with Suyen. Besides arrived at TV city 3 hours late, expressing something happened in her family, her rumor of getting plastic surgery is supported by Ho Lai Chun, Ho said: "There is no rule that says contestants are not allow to get plastic surgery, fixing your teeth is considered to be plastic surgery, in the end you still have to look at their performance."

Another contestant Sammi Cheung is said working in a bar to financially support the family and even have a habit of doing drugs? Ho expressed whether there are factual evidence, TVB won't investigate, he said: "Every contestant signed a temporary contract already, we believe in our vision, and also advise them to go to pub less, must consider about image of Miss Hong Kong when you're smoking, this is a bad habit, of course it's better not to smoke again."


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