Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fan Zhi Wei Tries to Kiss Tiffany Hsu

Fan Zhi Wei, Tiffany Hsu, and Alice Tzeng held an online meet last night. It was CTV's first time using online meeting to interact with netizens. The event started at 9:30PM but netizens went online at 6PM already to take their spot. During the online meet, the highest number of user online is more than 400 people. Fan Zhi Wei was too excited, whether he did it on purpose or just want to play, he suddenly reached out to Tiffany, who is Ethan Ruan's girlfriend, and tried to kiss her. Tiffany was scared and blocked him with her hands.

After the slip of a tongue incident, Fan Zhi Wei frankly said he worried at first netizens would ask sensitive questions, but he was well prepared. When the meet began, some netizens said they didn't like his beard look; some also gave him positive encouragements, making Fan Zhi Wei felt very warm inside: "There are must be netizens who are mad at the previous incident. I don't mind accepting criticism. If I can restart everything, I definitely won't choose to do the same thing. This incident didn't affect me much, but affected greatly to the crew, I'm very sorry."

Source: China Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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