Friday, July 9, 2010

Kate Tsui Relies on TVB to Find New Record Company

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @

Kate Tsui's record company Heng Ai Asia suddenly announced to temporarily stop operating its music department and she became an "orphan" instantly. Yesterday she attended to the promotion of "When Lanes Merge" and admitted she already knew about the news of her company regrouping: "In fact my contract is over in May. I hope we can collaborate again. (Didn't want to renew contract so the company has to regroup?) Don't say that. I also don't want to give up, will try my best. Miss Lok (TVB high executive Virginia Lok) would have proper arrangements. My company would take care of everything."


No offense, but I highly doubt that another well respected company will sign her. She can't sing if her life depended on it and it was painful to watch.

no well respected companies would sign her, because those that are respected and well-known are one of the 4 record companies who still have conflicts with TVB. Besides EEG, you see TVB's artistes sign other little ones like Neway, little one as in they don't have big stars.

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