Saturday, July 17, 2010

Patina Lin Has No Experience, Kisses Huang Xiao Ming In Hurry

Because Patina Lin didn't know too much about the TV industry, she embarrassed herself during the filming of "Summer's Desire." The director even made fun of her: "Why are you in hurry? Are you this thirsty?"

FTV/GTV's "Summer's Desire" tonight (tomorrow) is going against TTV/SETTV's "P.S. Man" finale. Of course the plot of "Summer's Desire" must be "heavy-flavored." Because of her brother's disease, Da S Barbie Hsu asked Peter Ho to sleep with her. In order to prove her love to Huang Xiao Ming, Patina Lin kissed him forcefully outside a pub.

Before officially filming this kissing scene, the director asked the two to act out the scene and test the position. But Patina threw herself at Huang Xiao Ming immediately and kissed him. In the end, Huang Xiao Ming was confused and the staff were shocked. Patina felt so embarrassed and said: "I didn't know you just need to pretend you've kissed during testing. I feel so embarrassed!"

Source: UDN / Translated by: KAY @


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