Friday, July 16, 2010

Sean Lau and Other Actors Are Infected With Strange Eye Bacteria Together

Sean Lau and Elanne Kong's upcoming film "Perfect Fairytale" (完美童話) is currently filming in Thailand. However, a strange hospital incident happened on Tuesday this week. Most actors in the film including Sean Lau, Kenneth Low, Kelly Fu, Square (group), etc all went to the hospital ine one day for eye problem. Also, there are many reasons for the infection. Local doctors pointed out maybe it's because of irritation of UV light or bacteria infection. But director Danny Pang Fa blamed it on UV disinfection lamp.

Weather that day was 40 Celsius the highest. The crew was filming at a waste house on a barren mountain. Sean Lau, Kenneth Low, Kelly Fu, Anson Leung, and James and Gary @ Square took part in the filming. They were under the sun for almost the whole day. Then they had to go to a dissecting room at night to film another scene.

When they went back to hotel to rest after filming, some actors noticed their eyes suddenly turned swollen and teary. Then other people started to have similar symptoms, especially Gary@Square, he couldn't open his eyes because they were too swollen. Anson Leung decided to call the ambulance to the hospital and this incident alerted director Pang.

Pang described the situation: "I think it's because we were under the sun for too long, then at night the disinfection lamp was shining on them. The funniest thing was when they were on the way to the hospital, they called assistant director, trying to tell him to help out. But they didn't know actually the assistant director is infected, too. Fortunately I was in the car during filming so I'm fine. Then we all went to the hospital. After taking some medicine and put on some ointment, we were cured quickly." Asked whether he feels the films he filmed are "abnormal"? He said: "Can't be this abnormal!"

Sean informed he is fine, saying his eyes got better and joked the glasses he wore saved him: "Thank god the stylist required me to wear glasses, created another layer so it wasn't as serious as other people. I used eye drops and I'm fine already, thank you for everyone's concern."

As for Elanne, who avoided this eye infection, just arrived at Thailand that day. Yesterday she said: "Of course I'm worried! Sean is my idol, Anson is my friend, Square is my junior....I did ask them how are they doing one by one."

Asked whether she encountered any strange incident in Thailand? She said: "The first night when I just arrived, I was locked in the room! I wanted to open the door and leave, but I couldn't open it for 20 minutes. I was so scared that time. Finally I called the lobby and asked someone to come up to save me." Elanne said many supernatural incidents happened when she filmed "Child's Eye" (童言) earlier. Two of her colleagues were suspicious of encountering ghost. As a Christian, every time she go on a trip she would bring the Bible and cross for assurance.

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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