Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aaron Yan Touches Chest, Jiro Wang Can't Stop Him

Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang and Aaron Yang performed a gay romance scene in variety show <<綜藝大國民>>. One played a human, the other played a ghost. Besides hugging Jiro from the back, Aaron even put his hand into Jiro's shirt and touched his chest. Jiro got irritated and said: "Are you done yet?!" Seemed like he hoped this scene can be over soon.

The two also teased their own group Fahrenheit. They performed a classic scene from "Ghost." Jiro was Demi Moore and told Aaron, who was Patrick Swayz, "In another world, don't group a new group secretly!" Aaron said: "You burnt 3 golden boys and girls to me, doesn't that mean you want me to group another group?"

Xiao Xiao Bin plays "Bin the Octopus" and would make predictions in every episode. Aaron asked him who would be out from Fahrenheit? This time Xiao Xiao Bin doesn't want to offend anyone. He said he wants to act with Jiro and release an album with Aarron.

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


The show was so funny, making Jiro and Aaron act out the scene. hahaha ^o^

^maybe u should check the episodes aired in September

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