Monday, August 30, 2010

Niki Chow Shows More Feminity Turning 30+

Today is Niki Chow's 31th birthday (HK time: yesterday). Many good friends in the showbiz specially celebrated this big day for her in a hotel. Sister Kathy Chow, Natalie Tong, Emmy Wong, Marianne, and Wayman Wong etc came to the party. Niki specially dressed up for this big day that she purposely put on bright red nail polish and wore a black top, making her look more feminine.

It's known Niki's good friends brought out a big birthday cake at 12AM and sang birthday song together, giving the birthday a surprise. Niki was moved and her eyes were teary. They had fun until 2:30AM. Niki walked out with good friend Marianne and she didn't seem drunk at all. When she saw reporters taking pictures, she smiled and was being friendly. Then she got onto friend's car and left.

About 10 minutes later, sister Kathy walked out with her assistant and waited for their car to come outside. At the same time, a male guest from the party was very drunk and he was throwing up on the street.

Niki thanked friends' blessing and fans for giving her a memorable birthday party on Weibo. She also thanked her good friend of bring her a party full of love. She wrote out her birthday wish: "Hope good health. Everyone can be happy. Hope this world is full of love! I love you all!" Yesterday her boss Ng Tze Shan, Kary Ng, Ng Kar Lok, Vinci Wong, etc also gave their blessing on Weibo.

In addition, Eason Chan also showed up at the hotel that night. But he wasn't joining Niki's birthday party, but singing karaoke with several friends in another floor.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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